Somewhere in Time

‘Somewhere In Time’ quilt – I think it has definite vintage appeal.  I hand-pieced the LeMoyne Star blocks one summer during teaching travels.  When the fabric line arrived I had 21 blocks ready to go with the new line – only used 16 of the blocks, and that was entirely OK with me, I love how this quilt turned out.

I enjoy displaying it over the cupboard door in the dinning room – the cupboard is home to some of our redware pottery collection (reproduction) and pieces of Bennington pottery (antique), I also see a couple of pewter plates – reproduction of course.

The walnut cupboard has jar rings on the upper shelves, must have been used as a pantry? It also has plate groves on the top three shelves at the back for display, not on the bottom two shelves.  I bought the cupboard in Waynesville, Ohio – a long time ago.  It fit in my mini-van, easy to take home.  Russ was always afraid I may drive in with a U-Haul behind my van, I’m a good packer, didn’t need to do that.

The quilt is in my book ‘Hearthside Stars’ from 2005 – maybe you have it on your shelf?

Somewhere in Time displayed 'over the cupboard door'.

Somewhere in Time displayed ‘over the cupboard door’.



Somewhere in Time — 15 Comments

  1. I love all your quilts and how you display them. I’ve made several quilts from your patterns and have quite a lot of your fabrics. I took part in Jo’s Little Women while I still lived in Colorado before moving to western North Carolina.

  2. I’ve got the top made, it’s in my stack of “to-be-quilted”! I also hand-pieced the star blocks. Just love the warm, rustic, fall colors in this quilt. Thank you for designing another winner!

  3. This has been on my to do list for a long time, ever since the book came out. I know I have some of the blocks done, I think it is time to dig them out and make the rest so I can put this one together and enjoy it in my house.

  4. Love your quilts Jo, and the way you display them. I just received my third order of your red striped Bridgeport fabric. This batch is for pillowcases to match the red in a quilt for dear friends.

  5. Jo, thank you for sharing all your home photos! I spent time with my mom and shared them with her. She was delighted! Keep them coming…very inspiring. C

  6. Enjoyed your thoughts today! I am like you in that I love antiques, but if I find a reproduction that looks old, I will settle for it. Easier on the wallet. haha
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Okay, no one else asked, what are “jar rings”? I could guess, but I must ask. Loved the quilt show. I go to Waynesville every two weeks, but do not take a van, on purpose!!

    Connie in Columbus, OH

    • Have been away on vacation . . . jar rings – this is what I call the black/brown circles about the size of a canning jar that I see in old cupboards. I assume something that was canned ooozed out, and the juice caused a ring stain. Or perhaps the jar wasn’t wiped totally dry? Who knows, just Jo playing detective.

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