Before we left on vacation Oct 3rd, I had time to set up some posts to share every three days.

I’m leaving for Houston today and there will be a bit of a break as I don’t have time to set up posts for while I’m away.

Good News – I will be using Instagram and those pictures with comments will be pushed to my Jo Morton Facebook page if you are on Facebook or Instagram.

In the meantime – will get caught up in November – Happy Stitching!

Harvest time

I went to Omaha October 1st for errands and an hair appointment.  Harvest was getting under way, the fields of beans and corn were golden in color, combines were in some fields clearing row after row of crops, followed by big wagons to hold the results.  Beautiful Fall day with gorgeous blue skies!

I want to share this quilt with you – you have time to get it made to enjoy this Fall!  If that doesn’t work into your schedule, work on it now to be ready for Fall 2014.  I bet you already have some fabric on your shelf that will work for this quilt.

If you are not a blue person, make the star blocks in your favorite color to go with a gorgeous cheddar zig zag setting.  Just a thought.

Really how long is your list of quilts you want to make?  Mine is really, really long, but I’m not sharing how many are on my list, because my list changes of course – we are women and can change our minds.   🙂

I named this quilt ‘Pickin’s Lane’ it is in my ‘Timeless’ book, the small size book on your shelf – look hard, you will find it and can begin cutting.

Pickin's Lane quilt

Pickin’s Lane quilt – beautifully quilted by Maggi Honeyman, Plano, Texas



Courthouse Steps

I love quilts in the Log Cabin category, this one is a Courthouse Steps.  Most of mine are small, then I decided a needed a larger one.  It did take a while to get all the blocks pieced due to other quilt interruptions, in the long run – so worth the time and effort.

Shown here – hung over the cupboard door for the Holidays, love the colors for the season.  I really enjoy featuring a quilt ‘over the cupboard door’ – that should be a decor category!    🙂

This quilt was featured in American Patchwork & Quilting, Issue 107, December 2010, page 110 – bonus for me it is the cover girl quilt, named ‘Small Steps’.

It is also beautiful across the foot of our bed or over a wing chair in the living room.  Multi-purpose is a winner in my book.  However I have made small quilts for a specific place due to the odd size.

I love living with quilts, add so much warmth to a home.

'Small Steps' quilt

‘Small Steps’ quilt



As you know I really love handwork, these are pieces of hand-pieced basket blocks. They were used in my Emily’s Hand-Pieced Baskets quilt featured in my ‘Coming Home’ book.

It was so much fun selecting the fabrics for this quilt.  I really had planned to set my quilt with a medium brown print and it just wasn’t right.  Began auditioning other fabrics and the subdued blue/gray print won.  Vintage appeal anyone?

I really enjoy take-along projects, before you know it you have enough blocks to assemble a quilt.  Bonus project in my book.

Emily's Hand Pieced Baskets in progress

Emily’s Hand Pieced Baskets in progress


Emily's Hand-Pieced Baskets

Emily’s Hand-Pieced Baskets



Christmas is just around the corner!

I really love Christmas time and decorating the house for the Holidays, don’t you?

It is fun to get out quilts in colors that are nice for the Holidays.  I made this quilt named ‘Glad Tidings’ around 2006-2007, as it is in my book ‘Remembrances’, the book was released in 2007.

Sometimes the colors are dramatic as in this quilt, I think it is beautiful over the back of the small windsor bench in our dining room as a backdrop for favorite mohair hares, a cat doll dressed in antique fabrics, a reproduction small bench with a small hooked rug atop, and the child’s book has my grandmothers name in the front.  Sweet memories

It is all about the color!

Hope this ‘heads up’ gives you time to get a new quilt made to enjoy this Christmas and Holiday Season.

Glad Tidings Quilt in my 'Remembrances' book

Glad Tidings Quilt in my ‘Remembrances’ book

Prairie Flowers

The blocks were appliquéd  around 2002 to 2003 – they are Prairie Flowers blocks appliquéd on a brown jacquard.  This is around the time I signed on with Andover, so the blocks are not made in my fabrics.  However, the sashing and borders are from Fredericksburg – yep the blocks were in a plastic box for around 2 years until I figured out how I wanted to set them and what fabrics were perfect.

It was re-published in my ‘Prairie Flowers Encore’ book.

Show on our harvest table in our home.  You know the table rarely is that empty.  🙂

Prairie Flowers on brown

Prairie Flowers on brown

Somewhere in Time

‘Somewhere In Time’ quilt – I think it has definite vintage appeal.  I hand-pieced the LeMoyne Star blocks one summer during teaching travels.  When the fabric line arrived I had 21 blocks ready to go with the new line – only used 16 of the blocks, and that was entirely OK with me, I love how this quilt turned out.

I enjoy displaying it over the cupboard door in the dinning room – the cupboard is home to some of our redware pottery collection (reproduction) and pieces of Bennington pottery (antique), I also see a couple of pewter plates – reproduction of course.

The walnut cupboard has jar rings on the upper shelves, must have been used as a pantry? It also has plate groves on the top three shelves at the back for display, not on the bottom two shelves.  I bought the cupboard in Waynesville, Ohio – a long time ago.  It fit in my mini-van, easy to take home.  Russ was always afraid I may drive in with a U-Haul behind my van, I’m a good packer, didn’t need to do that.

The quilt is in my book ‘Hearthside Stars’ from 2005 – maybe you have it on your shelf?

Somewhere in Time displayed 'over the cupboard door'.

Somewhere in Time displayed ‘over the cupboard door’.