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This quilt is from around the time that cheddar came into my life.  My friend Betsy in Texas introduced me to cheddar, then I had to have it in my fabric lines!

Cheddar is a beautiful neutral that makes a quilt sing.  Also Cheddar is gorgeous in the Fall – my favorite time of year.  My birthday is in October, I’ve always loved Fall – I’ve been told that is the link.

I named the quilt ‘Chocolate and Cheddar’, it is perfect for my favorite time of year – see I do make them for me and share them with you.   🙂

Chocolate & Cheddar doll/small quilt from JLW Club 6

Chocolate & Cheddar doll/small quilt from JLW Club 6

The corn is carved by a man in Lincoln, Nebraska – I bought it in an antique shop around 20 years ago – I think it is fun to use in a display in the Fall – no messy real corn cobs.  Redware candle holder from a potter in Pennsylvania, pumpkin from a craft store, the trencher bowl from an antique shop.  All sitting atop a blanket chest – a newly built piece and beautiful grain painted by an artist in Indiana.

Hope this history isn’t boring for you!    Just sharing my stuff.



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  1. Seems like Betsy gets credit for a lot of good quilting things in her friends’ lives! So glad she introduced cheddar to you, as I love all the cheddar pieces you have designed and look forward to more in the future. I have a spring birthday, but fall is also my favorite season of the year; not sure how that happened, but I spend more time and resources decorating for fall than for Christmas!

  2. I absolutely love Chocolate and Cheddar!! I love cheddar fabrics as well and the combination of the two of these works great together. I must tell you that I love your designs and your fabric collections! I greatly appreciate your work and always look forward to seeing your new designs and fabrics!!!!

  3. Furnishings are so interesting. Strange that I noticed the strange corn first when the quilt would have grabbed me first. Please keep us thinking of new ways to display our favorite things.

  4. I have just completed hand piecing and hand quilting a shoo fly doll quilt in 1800s repro fabrics. I love yours and I love your history too.

  5. Not boring at all … love to hear about other people’s treasures and the stories that go with them. As a young girl, I remember trotting along with my parents to antique shops back in the 1950s and while many things have sold long ago when my mom needed the $, I still have many sweet memories as I decorate with the stoneware and treenware that I have from those trips. Mom and Pop are long gone ;-( but I have sweet memories. So many of the small quilts that I’ve made from your patterns and fabrics have been just the perfect complement to little treasures..

  6. i love your stuff, I have my grandmother’s trug only hers was a doughmaking trug handmade by her uncle at the time of the Civil War the cheddars you use are great
    jo Chittenden

  7. Not boring at all!!! I just adore the quilt and your fall grouping is fabulous. I have been accumulating some pieces of cheddar to add to future quilts. I am a huge fan of your fabric lines and my bf got to attend your class when you were in Maine a couple or so years ago. Guess I need to get brave and try those little piecing projects so I can have a lovely runner like that.

    • Cornelia – it was Part of my JLW Club 6 from 2007. The fabrics are from 2006 ish – the projects are for Club members only, not patterns for sale during the Club year.
      I’ve started to publish some of the projects from past Clubs, you can see them under: shop, JLWC patterns on my website.
      I have plans to publish more this winter.

  8. No no~ love the history! And I like to see how you use your quilts-and that not every project has to be a full sized quilt. I find your posts inspirational-I think Im going to make a Shoo fly project myself. Thanks!

  9. Jo
    We love to see all your pretty things. I also love primitive and do the antique shops. Keep on
    giving us inspiration. How can we be a part of a Jo Morton Little Womens Club?

  10. Beautiful display. Makes me (almost) like Fall – even though my birthday is in November my favorite season is Spring when everything is coming to life again. Wish the pattern for this Chocolate & Cheddar were available.

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