My friend Betsy in Texas likes to make something with the leftovers from a quilt project.  This was a new concept to me a few years ago.

So after making ‘Somerset’ quit in JLW Club 7, I had leftover HST units.  I took the HST units and made several arrangements on a small press mat, I took pictures of each proposed layout.  I kept playing around with them, turning them different ways, playing with lights and darks.  This is the setting that won out.  A very sweet small quilt, and may I say a ‘favorite’!

'Leftovers' quilt from JLW Club 7

‘Leftovers’ quilt from JLW Club 7

The quilt is resting on an antique dough box that my friend Perry in PA grain painted for me.  The antique dough box was varnished wood and quite plain, we found it in an antique store.  Perry made it so beautiful and period appropriate with his grain painting skills – a one of a kind piece and love it.

The dog is a reproduction from a Folk Art Show – the artist found an antique stuffed dog in bad condition, took it apart for a pattern and made them to sell.  Perfect for old fashioned Jo!


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  1. I love your little quilt and the stuffed dog and the grain painted dough box. My husband’s grandmother used that same paint technique and made some very plain pieces so beautiful.

  2. Really like that little quilt! Love the dog – it looks like one made from a Kay Cloud pattern. Wish I had time to get into my scraps – but winter is coming so maybe….

  3. I love your blog, your style, quilts, fabric, etc…!
    I made a “leftovers” little quilt a while back and donated it to AAQI to be auctioned off. You gave me permission to use your pattern. And now I have seen it on Pinterest labeled as mine. I don’t know how to change this. You should be given credit, not me. It disturbs me every time I see this. ugh!

    • Thanks for your note of concern – this is what happens with the internet. People take pictures and post them and the source gets further away. You made it for a worthy cause, that is important too. Just life!

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