sharing some favorite quilts – inspiration!

I really do use the quilts I make in our home.

I like to say –  I make them for me, then share them with you.

This sweet Courthouse Steps quilt was a project in my JLW Club 10.  I like to use it in the dry sink in our living room.  Quilts rotate around our home so I get to enjoy them, rather than stored in a cupboard or cabinet.  Well, of course I have quilts stored in a jelly cupboard, a large walnut cupboard in the family room, and the folky cabinet I blogged about that is at the studio – and it filled entirely too soon!

JLW Club 10 - Courthouse Steps in the dry sink in our living room.

JLW Club 10 – Courthouse Steps in the dry sink in our living room.

Shown with some of the items I’ve collected since 1988.  Spent years collecting in antique shops, mostly in Ohio and Pennsylvania on my trips back and forth to the Folk Art Shows back east where I would sell my little hand quilted quilts.

Of course I shopped at the Folk Art Shows where I was able to buy wonderful reproductions – redware, yellowware, woven towels, loomed blankets and throws, carvings, hooked rugs, pewter, our windsor chairs were handmade in PA, he carved the seats himself, beautiful grained painted furniture, and on and on – so many memories in the furnishings in our home and I know the people who made them.

Things and times have changed a lot and the things I love have become scarce.  I’m very grateful for what I have.


sharing some favorite quilts – inspiration! — 9 Comments

  1. I think your quilts compliment your treasures perfectly! And this time of year is perfect for the fall colours and rustic pottery. Surrounding yourself with the things you love makes a home feel comfortable and cosy. What a great feeling it must be to look around and see memories and the fruits of all your hard work! That’s what its all about.

  2. Jo, your last comment “I’m very grateful for what I have.” says so much about you 🙂 I, too, am so very grateful for the many blessings I have.

  3. That one was always my favorite from Club 10. My version hangs in our living room and always gets lots of compliments. I love seeing how you use your creations. You are such an inspiration!!

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