FYI – contacting Jo

When you contact me through the contact form on my website, you enter your email address, after you have filled in the captcha and hit send, you will receive a confirmation of the email you sent to me.

If you do not receive a confirmation email, it means you didn’t enter your email address correctly.  Then –  on my end, I’ve written the reply and it bounces back to me causing a little frustration.

I do answer my emails – and yes it is ‘me’ answering my email.  I do not have office staff other than the fur kids and well . . . . they aren’t reliable.

The reason I’m posting this notice as it is happening too much, and obviously it isn’t my fault.  So please be careful when entering ‘your’ email address.

Thanks so much!

One other comment this morning – I receive ‘lots’ of emails wanting fabric, ordering fabric from me or asking where to find a certain fabric.  Simple answer is ‘I don’t know’.  I’m not a quilt shop.  I’m not an Andover employee, I have no idea what shops order my fabrics or what they have on hand.

Do a ‘google search’ – enter the sku number, including color designation that you are looking for, hopefully you can find it.

Or try:              a website of around 200 quilt shops, enter the sku number you are wanting and perhaps one of the shops will have have it for you.

This post is in the hope it saves you some time and me too.  Thanks so much for reading it!



FYI – contacting Jo — 5 Comments

  1. Dear Jo,
    I am always amazed that you answer your emails personally. Where do you find the time? Thanks so much for the personal touch.

  2. Dear Jo,

    If you get any more requests for your fabrics I am an on line shop and I will be listing your fabrics soon for sale onto my Etsy shop. I am a longarmer in canada and I have started to stock and sale fabrics. I have just opened my etsy shop. You can find me at

    I will ship to the USA but have not had the time to do the pricing as of yet soon.

    Just thought that I would let you know that I have some of your fabrics.

  3. Dear Jo, The quilt shop in which I work has “Jo” club. We were very disappointed that we couldn’t receive your “Prairie Rose” collection unless we had people wanting to do your BOM. Why couldn’t we get this collection? We had numerous people who wanted to buy it. Will it be available to us in the future?

    • Andover Fabrics wanted a fabric group exclusive for the BOM project to make the BOM more special. After the BOM has run, the fabrics will be available for sale.

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