fun trip to Tennessee!

I flew to Knoxville, Tennessee on Labor Day, to attend my friend Cindy Blackberg’s seminar ‘Handwork in the Smokies’.  This is Cindy’s last year to offer seminars, she has a website, you will be able to order her stamps for hand piecing, patterns, books, notions and stay tuned for a mysterious surprise in 2014!   Cindy also has a Blog and a Yahoo Group to keep in touch.

Since I’ve known Cindy for 20 years, I really had to go to her seminar and stitch with her and visit.  I got to brush up on embroidery with Cindy, it has been years and years.  The name of her quilt design for the seminar is Poke Berry Baskets.   See it here:

Below is my completed block.  Isn’t it pretty!  The basket portion is hand pieced.

Poke Berry Basket block from Cindy Blackberg's seminar.

Poke Berry Basket block from Cindy Blackberg’s seminar.

I also completed the embroidery for two more blocks.   🙂

It was a good week because I read two books, one flying to Knoxville, the second one flying back to Omaha.  I was able to finish them due to 3 hour layovers between flights.

Read these two books - I like mysteries and light reading

Read these two books – I like mysteries and light reading

It was a good stitching week for me, I was able to stitch some more hexi flowers together, I now have 30 of the hexi flowers with added path completed and stacked below.  I have 14 more hexi flowers covered and ready to stitch together, need to cover some more path hexis to complete.  I will  be cutting out some more hexi flowers, this will end up being a larger project than a doll quilt for a change.  The perfect take along project for me.

stack of 20 hexi flowers with path, the 14 little bundles of flowers waiting to be sewn, need to cut out and cover more path hexis

stack of 30 hexi flowers with path, the 14 little bundles of flowers waiting to be sewn, need to cut out and cover more path hexis, I don’t have enough as you can see.

On another note – I’ve been gifted with some beautiful pincushions over the years.  I really ‘love’ having a pincushion collection.  I do rotate them out, and I do use them, I get to think of the lovely ladies who made them for me.

You can see one of my newest gifts, a hexi flower pincushion in a zink lid,  in fall colors – perfect!  Life is good in Nebraska.

these are some of my pincushion collection

these are some of my pincushion collection

Hope you have been able to get some stitching in too!

Now, back to work.  My Fall handwork retreat is in less than three weeks!




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  1. Love the Hexie’s. are these the 1/2 inch side Hexie’s you showed in a previous post? Haven’t had much time this summer for handwork but doing some traveling soon….maybe I will get the chance on the road. Thanks for the updates and enjoy your retreat.

    • Ann – my hexi project this time is 5/8″. All my other hexi projects have been 1/2″.
      Since I was making a bigger project, I knew I would get bigger faster with a little bit bigger hexagon! 🙂

  2. Gosh! What a small world! One of my teacher’s, Judy C. has been teaching a handwork class using Cindy’s stamps. Judy, Dana and I believe two other ladies went to the same seminar. I hope you were able to meet them, they are awesome teachers. (from California) We will be doing the Poke Berry Baskets Quilt next. Your block looks super! Thanks for sharing!


    • I did meet some really nice ladies from Sacramento and Judy was one of them!
      I love using Cindy’s stamps for my hand piecing projects, makes the prep work move along quickly and her stamps are accurate!

  3. Love your basket block from Cindy’s class, especially the double embroidered flower stem..sweet pincushions, especially the one on the right in the little blue glass container. If I am not mistaken it looks like the work of Sandy D. From Bellingham. She does phenominal stitching as well. I have 3 of her pincushions in my collection. One of my favorites is also in a little blue glass basket.

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