Hexagon tip

Another visual for you – I made a template from Templar (heat resistant template plastic).    No – the template does not need to be heat resistant, but it is a plastic I can see though for fussy cutting.

First, using a pencil, I draw around the hexagon paper on the frosted side of the Templar for the current project.  Then use a rotary cutter that I’ve designated for paper/plastic, use a ruler to add a 1/4″ on all six sides when cutting out the template for this project.  You can see my pencil line for the actual hexi size on the plastic, it is faint, but you can see it.

hexagon paper, my Templar template and fabric fussy cut for one flower

hexagon paper, my Templar template and fabric fussy cut for one flower

I’m working on this project mostly in the car when Russ is driving.

cut out hexis for flowers and the centers in stacks.  I get my papers from 'Paper Pieces' - friendly fast service!

Cut out stacks of hexis for flowers including the centers. I get my papers from ‘Paper Pieces’ – friendly fast service!

Below are path hexis in a pile and covered hexi stacks for flowers.  To keep the flower hexis pieces together, I use needle and thread, knot both the top and bottom until you are not bumping along on the highway and can stitch them together.

pile of path hexes, and small  stacks for each flower, so I don't have to sort everything when ready to assemble.

pile of path hexes, and small stacks for each flower, so I don’t have to sort everything when ready to assemble.

A little planning will go a long way on this project, no do-overs or re-sorting.

Maybe a little efficient!

Have a great time working on your hexi project!


Hexagon tip — 7 Comments

  1. Jo, thanks for the hexie tips! Can you tell me what fabric collection I might find the blue stripe fabric in? I love it!

    • It was in Elizabethtown – a couple of years ago.
      I like to use old and new in my quilts because I love controlled scrappy. I can’t help myself!

  2. Do you ever sew THRU the paper template? (seems as if, with the larger templates catching the corner fold ONLY would be a little loose …)
    Don’t know where I picked up using a strong needle and sewing thru the paper – stitches were always pulled out AFTER assembly (back in the 80’s!!)
    THANKS – Robin

    • Robin – since I’m covering smaller sizes, I only tack the corners. I think if you are covering 1″ or larger, you would have to sew through the paper, or use a glue pen.
      Since I had a bad experience with glue a number of years ago, I have issues even trying it again. That said – ‘many’ people have great success with glue pens.
      Something for everyone!
      There is always more than one way to do anything! Happy Stitching!

  3. I have caught the 1/2″ fussy cutting hexi bug. I found a 1/2″ hexi punch at JoAnn’s (40% off) in the scrapbooking section and now punch my own hexis from scrapbooking paper. Works really good and much cheaper. See you in a couple of weeks at the retreat. I just can’t hardly wait.

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