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A lady emailed me, asking how did I finish off my little hexagon tree skirt.

I took a picture of the back and emailed it to her – realized the need to share it with you.

I took the lazy way out – it was a little bit of Christmas Decor – didn’t need a big finish IMHO.

I left the papers in on the edges, easy peasy finish.  If one arranges it nicely, no one knows!

Shhhh, this is our secret, OK?

back side of little tree skirt for the Holidays

back side of little tree skirt for the Holidays


What are you working on?

I’m sewing doll/small quilts for JLW Club 13 for 2014 – having fun at the studio!

Happy Stitching!!!


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    • Look at January 22, 2013 blog entry to see the front and in use with one of my feather trees. Get busy stitching, Christmas will be here before you know it! 🙂

  1. I have a feather tree that needs a small version of this fabulous skirt…I’ll add that to my ever growing MUST do list! Today I’m working on the Five & Dime Program blocks for the quilt store I work at in Buda, TX…B&B Quilting & Gifts!

  2. I remember seeing that entry and revisited it per your suggestion…PERFECT! it is so hard to think about Christmas when it’s 105 here in Texas but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

    • Jo, interestingly enough, when I was at the York Quilt museum for a “behind the scenes” tour, there were several 1790’s quilts made with the English paper piecing method that they left the paper inside. The quilts were only used for “toppers” on the beds, so the paper was used to stabilize and secure the tops. So, you REALLY are “Preserving our ties to the past” with your method!

      • At one time paper was made from cotton rags, and rag paper didn’t damage fabric.
        Then through progress – paper is made from wood pulp (can you say cheaper) and it may contain high concentrations of acids, unless the paper is treated to be ‘acid free’ (ask how long it remains acid free if you are making an heirloom).
        Basically I recommend removing papers, but . . . it is only a little tree skirt.
        Time is also precious. 🙂
        I have quilts to make, lots of them. I’m also going to work on a decade old bucket list of quilts that I want to make in my version or size. Happy Stitching!

  3. Love it, how easy is that! Looks great under your little feather tree. I am working in my studio as well, this evening I will do more quilting on a Medallion WIP. Doll quilts are sew much fun. Enjoy the day!

  4. Jo, Brilliant way to finish your tree skirt. Now I’m inspired to get a couple made for a feather tree and a wire tree. Christmas will be here right after our block exchange. Thank you…

  5. So, 100 years from now there will be an antique quilt dealer crowing that your piece still has the papers in it. You should jot a few little notes on them for posterity.

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