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I posted this to Facebook through Instagram, want to share with you too.

I’m working on a new hexi project, I’ve planned out the flowers (maybe a little control freak going on), after I’ve covered the papers for a flower, I needed a way to keep them together, then I remembered seeing vintage blocks kept together with thread.

So (or sew) . . .  knot your thread, run the needle through the center of the hexi, stack the 7 pieces, make a knot on top and voila!  Hope you find this tip useful.

hexi flower tied together

hexi flower tied together

I was covering hexis while riding to/from Omaha, it is about an hour each way, was taking advantage of the sitting time, didn’t have my close up sewing glasses with me, but I was able to cover a few sets of these.



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  1. You have been so much help to me Jo! I am learning so much about the new world of hexi’s! I even have my 5 year old granddaughter paper punching the hexi’s with that new paper punch I bought! She did about 50 or so of them last night while we were watching TV! Can’t wait to get started!

  2. What a great idea. I’m working on a project of tiny hexies and have been contemplating what a solution might be for keeping them together (I like to plan mine out too!). Perfect!!

    • Re: template for fussy cutting – I selected Templar (heat resistant template plastic) over regular template plastic as I can see through it better for fussy cutting my hexis. I have lots of supplies on hand, so it was a matter of choosing. I drew around the hexi onto the template plastic, I have an old rotary cutter that I use for paper/plastic, used my ruler to add the 1/4″ seam allowance on all six sides. In the meantime, Paper Pieces (where I buy my EPP pieces) has come out with assorted plastic templates you can purchase for the size of hexi and other shapes that you will be making. Hope this helps!

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