Happy 4th of July!

American Flag Lady - vintage

American Flag Lady – vintage

I think many will be blessed with a 4 day weekend!  What to do?  Maybe spend time with friends and family, or perhaps a mini vacation.  What are you doing?

I’m taking some quiet time and enjoy it with Russ, we will cook out and visit with neighbors.  I think it may be called a ‘staycation’?

Russ and a friend went fishing this morning on the Missouri River.  Russ took his boat, he has an open fishing boat, have had it for a long time (over 30 years).  After Russ retired four years ago to reconfigure the seats, he took out a bench seat, bought a new outboard engine and a new trailer that makes it easier to load and unload the boat, he can do it alone if necessary.

I plan to spend some time at the studio, sewing and designing.  It gets quiet around Holidays,  will take advantage of it and stitch!

Maybe I need to start another Patriotic quilt, love the skirt on the vintage Flag Lady, don’t you?  My star fabric is still in print, it is part of ‘Jo’s Best Friends’ group.

I wish you a very Happy 4th of July!



Happy 4th of July! — 8 Comments

  1. That star fabric is one of my favorites! I am all for a patriotic quilt – bring on the red white and blue. Happy Fourth!
    Susan in CT

  2. Sounds like a nice “starvation” for you and Russ. My husband and I aren’t doing anything. Very boring, since I just hang out every day, but oh well. The skirt on the flag lady is nice. Have a good cookout and enjoy your long weekend.

  3. Your “staycation” sounds perfect, we all need that sometimes. I like the idea of patriotic quilts and the blue star fabric is a great one to use. I finished 3 of my patriotic tops during my last vacation including your Liberty Eagle quilt. I love them all. Have a great weekend.

  4. Glad to hear you and Russ are taking it easy this holiday. Nothing like a day to do what you want and not what you have to do. Cherish the quiet (until sundown, of course).

  5. I’m working at the county fair in the fiber building for our guild! County fair screams 4th of July! Lots of quilt entries and we have some raffle quilts! If only it was not going to be close to 100 degrees today!

  6. Hope you had a good fourth of July! I still get your blog on my google home page somehow- but google tells me this also is going away -one of the blogs i follow signed up with bloglovin’
    I only hope i can keep trac of everyone like yourself-once google pulls the plug-

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