I’ve been adding some handwork in my evening schedule (and sometimes early in the morning before I shower – I know TMI).  My new work schedule allows evenings out of the office – a long over due change.  For years I felt I was suppose to work crazy long hours, happy that I finally realize the error of my ways.

My handwork skills are a bit rusty,  it is time to get back into the handwork groove.  I have a small appliqué project started, found my hexi project that I started last Fall ( 1/2″ hexis), and get this – started a new hexi project with 5/8″ hexes – no deadline is the mantra.  All my other hexi projects use the 1/2″ hexis.

Fall 2012 hexi project - view is the back side

Fall 2012 hexi project – view is the back side

I’ve stitched the flowers, added path hexis, joined the flowers to make diagonal rows, now I’m joining the rows together.  The picture shows that I’m in the process of removing papers from the center, leaving papers in all the edge hexis.  You can see – I  thread baste the fabric to cover the papers.  After the hexi rows are joined, I’ve cut the basting threads and am removing the itsy bits of thread and finally the papers.

Nice to have needle and thread in hand once again.

This is just a progress report – will show the front when it is assembled and the edges worked out.   Remember no deadline, so basically this is just a tease.

What are you working on?   🙂

PS – I have plans for a new hand piecing project – will let you know when I have it all worked out, I’m pretty jazzed about a new handpiecing project!

PPS – I’m going on a sewing Retreat next week – just a warning, who knows what I’ll start while hanging out with friends!


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  1. What am I working on? Have seen the error of my ways and my hexis are now 3/4 inch — I may finish the project before 2020. Enjoy the retreat!

  2. I love working on projects with no deadline, it takes all the stress away and I’m left with total enjoyment of the process.

  3. I have been working on a round robin project with Amy, Linda and Megan. Amy’s quilt is hanging up in my sewing room and I am enjoying it.

  4. First, Happy Fourth of July and I am glad you are taking time for yourself. The retreat will be great for you, as I miss doing that. Will be anxious to see your hex project. Right now working on wool appliqué and hexies.

  5. I too am working on a 1/2 inch hexi. I’m enjoying doing handwork, even though I don’t know what the finished project will look like. No rush here. Looking forward to seeing your finished project. Happy Fourth of July and Happy Retreat.

  6. I’m working on a Pies & Tarts EPP project. My first to EPP since I usually hand piece my hexagons. I’m using the Bottom Line thread in a 60 wt. which was suggested by the pattern designer and this thread really sinks into the seams and is practically invisible! I just finished hand piecing huge hexagons in contemporary fabrics. My Pies & Tarts is in Civil War fabrics–my favorites!

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