Google Reader is going away July 1

So many of you receive Blog posts through Google Reader to view posts of people you follow.  It was really nice to have but that is changing Monday July 1.

Sometimes change isn’t so good, is it.

You will have to have another reader by Monday July 1st to fill your needs because I want to keep in touch with you!

One other thing you can do, is go here:

It is my Jo’s Journal page, along the right side is a place to enter your email address to ‘subscribe to Blog via email’, this is a good solution until each of you figure out how you want to handle how you follow Blogs.

Have a nice day!   🙂



Google Reader is going away July 1 — 4 Comments

  1. My Google Reader shut down today. I don’t know why they did it early, but I’m very glad I switched to Bloglovin when I did!

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