Baltimore Orioles

Not quilt related, but kind of cheddar to orange related.

Due to our unusual weather, unusually cool, or make that cold since it snowed May 2nd, birds flocked to our feeders, it was suppose to be warm here.  At one point we had 12 male Orioles in our yard – that has never happened over the years, I have no idea how many females, the orange was easy to count even flitting around.

We have two feeders for the Orioles and they were running off one another in order to eat.  What a flurry of orange and black flying around and chattering.  A moment not to be missed as we are now down to 3 male Orioles visiting us.

A beautiful gift for a couple of days, thanks to Mother Nature.

May 1 and 2 - Baltimore Orioles

May 1 and 2 -some of the Baltimore Orioles



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  1. How fun to see the Orioles! I usually have a large flock of them all summer long (except hen they are nesting) and go through so much grape jelly–about 2 jars a week. I have red winged blackbirds now, but no sign of an Oriole yet–but then we still have patches of snow and the lake is still frozen.

  2. I’m new to Facebook and JoM emails. I love the JoM fabrics and am working on S’mores quilt at the present time. Two of my favorite quilt shoppes are The Stitching Post in Washington, IN and The Back Door Quilts in Greenwood, IN. Thanks for all your updates.

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