A little more on Portland

Here is a picture of the ladies in the Hand pieced LeMoyne Stars class.

'Stars' group!

‘Stars’ group!

Judy who is also on the JoMortonStitchers Yahoo Group brought along her Leesburg – Scrap Basket Sew along to show and share.  Judy is the one that didn’t want another large quilt, instead of making the 6″ blocks she reduced them to 3″ – it is precious and very wonderful.  Here is a picture of her progress:

blocks downsized to 3" - so wonderful!

blocks downsized to 3″

Some more inspiration for you.



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    • Reduce the blocks the old fashioned way, use graph paper, pencil and draw it. That is what I do when figuring out the math for blocks for quilts, I don’t design with a computer. Love playing with fabric!

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