Exciting News – Dovetail batiks !!

The ladies that came to my ‘Sewing at the Orchard’ retreat this weekend had the opportunity to see pieces of the new batiks first – the box arrived on Thursday – I told them it was the international debut and they are here to see them first!    🙂

June shipping – 30 pieces . . . . we named the batiks ‘Dovetail’ because they will ‘fit’ with my fabric lines.  We used motifs from prior lines to create the patterns on the batiks.  So very happy with the results!

Dovetail batiks - lights

Dovetail batiks – lights

Dovetail batiks - darks

Dovetail batiks – darks

I snagged Geannine's picture from FB, like seeing them all together

I snagged Geannine Ott’s picture from FB, you can see them all together


If your quilt shop is on auto-ship for Jo fabrics, these are not part of the program, they have to be ordered.

Let the sewing begin!





Exciting News – Dovetail batiks !! — 7 Comments

  1. Really like the batiks and the softness of them. I had a cousin bring me some batiks from Ghana and they are all bold. Love your new line coming in June. I can hardly wait.

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