Quiltmaker Giveaway!


Check this out and sign up for a free Giveaway on Quiltmaker magazine’s website, hurry as sign ups end March 31st!

You can see some of the other great prizes given away during the event.

My favorite was the Reliable irons, I have one of these great irons.  I admit it took a little getting used to due to the features you will love.  It does not sputter or leak, has tons when steam when you want it (press the button), uses distilled water, and there is a setting to cancel the auto-shut off, you do have to re-set it each time you turn it on.  Read the little book that comes with it before using.   It is so wonderful to go to the ironing board and have a hot iron!  I have the blue one seen below, consider one of these when you need a new iron!


Reliable Sensor Velocity Iron

Reliable Sensor Velocity Iron

No Kidding!

No Kidding!




Quiltmaker Giveaway! — 4 Comments

  1. Jo, thanks for the report on the Iron. I had heard of this brand but did not know anyone who had one. I love the Rowenta’s for there good steam but everyone of mine have leaked. I will look a Reliable iron next time I buy a new iron.
    Happy Easter.

    • The irons were prizes at Block Party in Portland, donated by Reliable.
      There is a picture of the giveaway on Quiltmaker’s blog post – a really nice gift with tote as we eceived them in Portland. Jo

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