Good (make that great) news to share – ear thingy

Went to the ENT in Lincoln, NE yesterday afternoon with different ear symptoms since late January, and after having bronchitis.  I had pulsing in my right ear that was driving me a little crazy, it interfered with sleeping, but it has improved the past 10 days.
Seems I have a tear in a membrane in my right ear.  When I would cough, sneeze, or blow my nose, the room would jerk about 30 to 45 degrees.  I quickly learned to grab ahold of something or sit down.
Since the pulsing is improving (almost gone), it means the tear is healing itself.
Trivia – seems weight lifters get this type of injury and need surgery to repair it.  Mine came from really awful coughing with the bronchitis, my rib cage ached for days.
Trust me no weight lifting or bench pressing going on here, just fabric pressing.  🙂
Other good news, had an ear test and my hearing is normal.
If the pulsing noise in my right ear returns (it is almost gone), he will refer me to an Ear doctor for surgery.
Weird stuff that disrupts life and work.  Happy the tear is mending itself and the symptoms will go away.
Sure been a long haul since October 9th when the inner ear virus struck and began my winter of illness.
Russ is very happy with this news also, since he has been driving me everywhere since Oct 9th.  I’m looking forward to driving again, as I didn’t think it would be safe to drive when dizzy and well you know the rest.
Time to get back to the fun stuff we do and the stitching we love.
Can you hear the chorus — ‘happy days are here again’!!!!


Good (make that great) news to share – ear thingy — 19 Comments

  1. Oh, what an ordeal you’ve gone through. I hope you make a full recovery. It’s amazing the things that can go wrong with our bodies to disrupt our lives. One thing is for sure, when you start to feel better, you appreciate feeling great.
    Stay healthy, Lori

  2. Jo, I’ve know people who actually broke a rib with severe coughing! So glad you’re on the mend. I hate it when I feel so ill I can’t even stitch!

    Laurie in NJ

  3. Wow! That is awful! I can only imagine how annoying and disrupted you must have been. Over four months of illness is like having cancer…not fun! It must be great to see a light at the end of the tunnel and know that it isn’t an oncoming train! So glad to have you back up to normal!…the quilt world would have a big hole in it without!

  4. Jo glad your on the mend, you and Russ must have had a miserable time over the last few months. I can see you dancing across the room to that tune right now.

  5. So glad that you are feeling better. I too am not a weight lifter but I will be having that surgery in the middle of March so I completely understand what you were/are going thru. Keep on stitching love all that you do1

  6. I remember having bronchitis once.I felt like I’d cough up my toenails!Happy to hear you are on the mend take time to heal we in the quilting world need your talent to encourage us on! Bev

  7. Glad youon the mend!! Not fun indeed. I one person coughing so such got hernia. Now build up your immunity to prevent any more sickness! Mary

  8. So glad to hear you are feeling better Jo. I have had ear problems most of my life, not to the degree that you have suffered but enough to be annoying. I also get broncitis every time I get a cold with a cough that lingers for 6-8 weeks afterward. My Dr.and I came up with a plan that has helped tremendously. I am not to wait to see if the cough goes away on it’s own because it doesn’t . Now when I come down with a cold I take steroids for 5 days and that knocks out the sensitivity in my lungs and no broncitis and cough for 6-8 weeks. It has changed my life. Spring is on it’s way, a perfect start for new adventures with your new found health. Enjoy!

  9. The last six months have been awful for both you and Russ. Let’s hope the worst is behind you and you both can look forward to a bright and pleasant Summer! Thanks for keeping us up to date. I have been wondering if you were fully on the mend. Love your continued comments on the JoMortonStitchers Yahoo Group. Hugs! Susan in Utah

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