I’m seeing hexi’s everywhere!

How about you???

We stopped at Walgreen’s this afternoon to pickup Zyrtec, of course I have to look around a little, and low and behold I saw these.  I think I’ve eaten this type of chip at Retreat in Texas last year.

Anyway, let me know where you see hexi’s these days, besides your sewing basket of course.

seeing hexi's everywhere!

seeing hexi’s everywhere!

Have a nice weekend!



I’m seeing hexi’s everywhere! — 3 Comments

  1. Jim and I went out to one of our favorite spots for lunch … I ordered clam chowder and it came with those little oyster crackers. I didn’t eat them but made a hexagon flower and actually took a photo. I laughed when I read your blog post…we are all addicted to these little hexagons whether sewing, eating or looking the tile flooring in the ladies room!

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