Hexagons – more

Decided a picture is worth a thousand words.

back of hexi flower with the papers

back of hexi flower with path on one side and with the papers

The next picture shows the papers removed in the center, you have to leave the edge papers.  You can remove more of the papers in the center of the completed unit as you watch your piece grow.

back of hexi flower with papers removed only in the center

back of hexi flower with papers removed only in the center

I think in this crazy busy world, we find that sitting and doing handwork (where ever we may be) is calming to the soul.  Let the hexi craze continue!  Very portable and accuracy takes care of itself using the precut Paper Pieces from the company with the same name.

Happy Stitching!


Hexagons – more — 6 Comments

  1. Love seeing your hexi project. I really need to start a hexi project. Like sewing on them in the evening. Never know how much fabric to buy because you never know when you are done doing hexis!!!!!!
    Carol L

  2. Love your hexes. I have just caught the bug am making a little quilt of five eighths inch hexes with all little Jo fabrics from my stash from little,Jo club

  3. Looks intriguing! I just finished a hexie project all in red and I have a GM flower garden that I have been working on for a long time and just decided I needed to make it a little bigger, so I will be picking out some scrappy fabrics for a border. I love handwork!

    • Sandy – no pattern, if you read my Feb 5th blog post about hexagons, it explains my inspiration and also gives the website to buy ‘Paper Pieces’ for the hexagon papers. Have fun playing! Jo

  4. If you add 5 hexagons (all joining each other) round the original 7 hexagon ‘flower’ and then sew these 12 hexagons together all facing the same way you’ll find that they all go together beautifully. Try it! Love your quilts and I have an original of yours here on my sewing room wall. I treasure it. Katie

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