Gosh it is February!

Time is getting away from me, I’m plenty busy, not sure why I haven’t blogged.

So today . . . I have a new hexi project, well new to you.  I began cutting fabric on the ride to Texas for Fall Quilt Market (shhh that was last October), then covered the 1/2″ papers (from www.paperpieces.com) with ‘Spice Market’ and ‘Toasted’ fabrics.

To begin this project that had no plan (I know you do this too, don’t you?), I determined that I should cut at least 6 hexagon shapes from every fabric, I have a template to aid the fussy cutting.  Yes, I do fussy cut, I cannot help myself.  I’m not wired to do it any other way.

I made flowers first, six identical fabrics around a center hexagon.  Humm, I’ve done this on three other projects, so I decided to take a look in the exhibit catalog for ‘Elegant Geometry’ that was on display at the IQSC (in Lincoln, NE) over a year or so ago.  Ah, ha!   Add one more dark hexagon on opposite sides of my flowers to elongate the units – loving the new look!  And yes, I did have to cut more hexagons shapes from fabric as I only had originally cut six.  Yes, I’ve also over-cut on some fabrics that I didn’t use as much of.  It isn’t an exact science.  Leftovers are a good thing in quiltmaking as they are in the kitchen.

I also baste the fabric, I do not use glue.  I’ve alway felt I needed to wash a project if I used glue.  Now I don’t have to worry about it, project has no deadline, don’t have to wash it.  I only take stitches in the corners, of course I begin with knotted thread, and end off with a knot.  The basting stitches are removed later.

The flowers are made with ‘Spice Market’ and a few other odds and ends that were mostly used in the centers.  The path is all from ‘Toasted’.

Next step, I have the revised flower units together, have added six path hexagons to one side – yes I had to lay out all the pieces to figure out where to add the path, I found that I need to cover more hexis with ‘Toasted’ as I don’t have enough done for the path.  That means I’ll have to cut more hexagon shapes from ‘Toasted’ fabric, I think that will be a good project for Wednesday evening, or when I get around to it.

Below is a picture to entice you.  It will be a while before you see more, as this project has no deadline.  It will be done, when it is done.  No pressure, just something available to pickup and work on, in between other projects with a deadline.

Are you working on a hexi project?

I also made two small projects with 1″ 60 degree diamonds – to share another day – no hurry.

path hexis covered with 'Toasted', you can see some of the 'Spice Market' flowers stacked behind.

path hexis covered with ‘Toasted’, you can see some of the ‘Spice Market’ flowers stacked behind.

I hope you enjoy this addition as  much as I do!  Happy Stitching!!




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  1. I am in the hexi exchange group and am loving the little hexis. They give me a chance to slow down and enjoy the process. Your post is giving me ideas for when I receive the exchange flowers. Fun, fun, fun!!

  2. I’ll be anxious to see what your final result is. As for me, I’m copying your little Christmas tree skirt. Only 6 or 8 of the light hexies are done and even though this is pretty mindless work, I have a bug that I can’t get rid of that has left me beyond mindless. Thankfully Christmas is at the other end of the calendar.

  3. Hello Jo

    Your hexagon project looks lovely in this gorgeous fabric. I have designed a quilt in your toasted range that I am very keen to get started on, such a lovely fabric range.
    Look forward to seeing your diamond project. I have not been bitten by the hexagon bug ‘yet’.


  4. I love these. Just picked up some hexies papers to cover…this gives me some ideas. Headed on trip to FL early March. May be my project for the ride south. Very pretty. Can’t wait to see more.

  5. Hi Jo – I love the look of your hexies. I have just finished an 1800s Reproduction Hexie quilt too – you can see it on my Blog robynppblog.blogspot.co.nz I have been on a real binge with hexies lately – have covered a journal and made a sewing pouch too. They are so much fun and great to do while travelling.

  6. Hi Jo!
    It is great to hear from you. I have missed you! 🙂 You are the one that inspired me to start quilting. I have most of your books & have made a few of your quilts. I hope your health is doing good now & look forward to your next blog. Love the hexes !
    Take care,

  7. i have been working on a little hexie project for quite awhile now. i have no plan just keep adding to it. i will be anxious to see how yours turns out!

  8. what is with everyone these days. My Tuesday group is doing the Hexie’s too. I think that they all look great. I would love to join everyone and do the Hexie thing, but I just have one to maney projects going. Like my one inch half square triangles project. Maybe when I finish it I will start on the Hexie’s thing. I can not believe I just whote that. Shaking my head.

  9. I just finished a hexi bulletin board project. Now I’m working on cutting fabric for tumbler paper pieces for a road trip to Arizona. I’m using all Jo Morton fabric for this one. I found that English paper piecing is the only project that I can do on the road because it doesn’t have to be exact. Fun stuff!

  10. Hi Jo, those little hexies can be fun to work on. I challenged my stitching group to use my small hexagon stamp and you should see the designs they came back with! Better than mine, I have to admit. Thank you for your inspiration. I LOVE the idea of the Christmas tree skirt. Cindy Blackberg

  11. I am making two hexie projects, they are fun but I do not do EPP I use Inklingo and print my hexies directly onto fabric and then hand piece – no papers to get in the way. I am working on Lucy Boston: Patchwork of the Crosses and another that I am calling Diamonds are Forever.

    • Hi Jo. I am going to try doing a heck project. Thanks for giving me the info before on where to get the paper pieces for them. I’m in a group to do your little quilts which I love so much as the take up little space. I have whatever books of yours that are available on Amazon. Love what you do. Happy days to you.

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