Good (make that great) news to share – ear thingy

Went to the ENT in Lincoln, NE yesterday afternoon with different ear symptoms since late January, and after having bronchitis.  I had pulsing in my right ear that was driving me a little crazy, it interfered with sleeping, but it has improved the past 10 days.
Seems I have a tear in a membrane in my right ear.  When I would cough, sneeze, or blow my nose, the room would jerk about 30 to 45 degrees.  I quickly learned to grab ahold of something or sit down.
Since the pulsing is improving (almost gone), it means the tear is healing itself.
Trivia – seems weight lifters get this type of injury and need surgery to repair it.  Mine came from really awful coughing with the bronchitis, my rib cage ached for days.
Trust me no weight lifting or bench pressing going on here, just fabric pressing.  🙂
Other good news, had an ear test and my hearing is normal.
If the pulsing noise in my right ear returns (it is almost gone), he will refer me to an Ear doctor for surgery.
Weird stuff that disrupts life and work.  Happy the tear is mending itself and the symptoms will go away.
Sure been a long haul since October 9th when the inner ear virus struck and began my winter of illness.
Russ is very happy with this news also, since he has been driving me everywhere since Oct 9th.  I’m looking forward to driving again, as I didn’t think it would be safe to drive when dizzy and well you know the rest.
Time to get back to the fun stuff we do and the stitching we love.
Can you hear the chorus — ‘happy days are here again’!!!!

Who knew?

After posting and wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day  . . . .  yesterday evening I received an email with  a very nice surprise.  I’ve been nominated in the 2013 Golden Quilter Awards.

Nominations were open to quilters from around the world.

You can read more about it on their blog:

Hope you will vote for your favorites in the listed categories.

Have a great weekend and enjoy some sewing time!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hope you have a wonderful day with your significant other.

Russ grilled steaks for us last night, we celebrated an day (actually evening) early since the weather yesterday was grilling weather.  I oven roasted potatoes and carrots, was so good.

We will have the leftovers this evening, hard to imagine leftover steak, but we do!

vintage image - Cupid postman

vintage image – Cupid postman

Wishing you a truck full of happy hearts and happy quilting time!


Idea for you

I was slow getting this idea completed, too many other things ahead of it on the never ending list.  I know you have one of these ‘never ending’ lists comprised of quilts and other projects you want to make.  This makes us kindred spirits doesn’t it.   🙂

Today I want to share this idea . . .  I cut two ample size pieces of a woven from my ‘Simple Charm’  line (early 2012), I selected the dark plaid as it looked nice with the ‘Bridgeport’ free to use quilt , more on the quilt later.  Next I emailed one of my long arm quilters Lori K. in KS, yes she would MQ this for me.  I sent the woven fabric with ample cotton batting and a one-piece backing, requested the two woven pieces be MQ in a cross hatch design, with the lines spaced approximately one inch apart.

You could try machine quilting your shams on your domestic machine, if you don’t want to have it professionally machine quilted.

To finish, I selected the bird toile, also from ‘Simple Charm’ line with the dark background.  Phyllis (one of my friends who I hired for Sewing Saturdays), measured and sewed these for me, she made an envelope back for the pillow shams for our bed.

This is a shared idea:  my friend Leslie in Illinois did this same thing only she selected an uneven ticking stripe (from a few years ago), and added a print ruffle, the fabrics were chosen to go with a favorite quilt she had made for her guest room.  Thanks to Leslie I knew that if I had the fabric machine quilted with batting and backing it would add firmness and body to the sham and it wouldn’t be a limp sham.  And, I didn’t have to look for decorator fabric for shams.

Tips:  measure the chosen pillow insert in both directions, use those measurements to draw sewing lines on the wrong side your quilted fabric to make the shams.

You could change your shams up a bit by adding a ruffle or add enough fabric for a flange.  You could also opt to add cording for a nice color accent.  Don’t you love options!

'Bridgeport' quilt with the plaid pillow shams.

‘Bridgeport’ quilt with the plaid pillow shams.

Now to finish up about the ‘Bridgeport’ quilt.  I REALLY loved this quilt when Candy got it completed for Andover.  Candy offered to make the quilt top for me if I sent her the fabric – oh my yes!!!  The top, batting and backing was sent to Maggi H. in Plano, TX to machine quilt just like she did the first one.  I REALLY love this quilt on our bed.  I sometimes use it folded across the foot of the bed.  Love the options when decorating with quilts.

When I go to department stores or speciality stores, nothing I like goes with my quilts or our bedroom.  Guess you can think of these shams as ‘custom’.    🙂

Now the question is, will you do this too?

Let me know what you do with this idea.



I’m seeing hexi’s everywhere!

How about you???

We stopped at Walgreen’s this afternoon to pickup Zyrtec, of course I have to look around a little, and low and behold I saw these.  I think I’ve eaten this type of chip at Retreat in Texas last year.

Anyway, let me know where you see hexi’s these days, besides your sewing basket of course.

seeing hexi's everywhere!

seeing hexi’s everywhere!

Have a nice weekend!


Hexagons – more

Decided a picture is worth a thousand words.

back of hexi flower with the papers

back of hexi flower with path on one side and with the papers

The next picture shows the papers removed in the center, you have to leave the edge papers.  You can remove more of the papers in the center of the completed unit as you watch your piece grow.

back of hexi flower with papers removed only in the center

back of hexi flower with papers removed only in the center

I think in this crazy busy world, we find that sitting and doing handwork (where ever we may be) is calming to the soul.  Let the hexi craze continue!  Very portable and accuracy takes care of itself using the precut Paper Pieces from the company with the same name.

Happy Stitching!

Gosh it is February!

Time is getting away from me, I’m plenty busy, not sure why I haven’t blogged.

So today . . . I have a new hexi project, well new to you.  I began cutting fabric on the ride to Texas for Fall Quilt Market (shhh that was last October), then covered the 1/2″ papers (from with ‘Spice Market’ and ‘Toasted’ fabrics.

To begin this project that had no plan (I know you do this too, don’t you?), I determined that I should cut at least 6 hexagon shapes from every fabric, I have a template to aid the fussy cutting.  Yes, I do fussy cut, I cannot help myself.  I’m not wired to do it any other way.

I made flowers first, six identical fabrics around a center hexagon.  Humm, I’ve done this on three other projects, so I decided to take a look in the exhibit catalog for ‘Elegant Geometry’ that was on display at the IQSC (in Lincoln, NE) over a year or so ago.  Ah, ha!   Add one more dark hexagon on opposite sides of my flowers to elongate the units – loving the new look!  And yes, I did have to cut more hexagons shapes from fabric as I only had originally cut six.  Yes, I’ve also over-cut on some fabrics that I didn’t use as much of.  It isn’t an exact science.  Leftovers are a good thing in quiltmaking as they are in the kitchen.

I also baste the fabric, I do not use glue.  I’ve alway felt I needed to wash a project if I used glue.  Now I don’t have to worry about it, project has no deadline, don’t have to wash it.  I only take stitches in the corners, of course I begin with knotted thread, and end off with a knot.  The basting stitches are removed later.

The flowers are made with ‘Spice Market’ and a few other odds and ends that were mostly used in the centers.  The path is all from ‘Toasted’.

Next step, I have the revised flower units together, have added six path hexagons to one side – yes I had to lay out all the pieces to figure out where to add the path, I found that I need to cover more hexis with ‘Toasted’ as I don’t have enough done for the path.  That means I’ll have to cut more hexagon shapes from ‘Toasted’ fabric, I think that will be a good project for Wednesday evening, or when I get around to it.

Below is a picture to entice you.  It will be a while before you see more, as this project has no deadline.  It will be done, when it is done.  No pressure, just something available to pickup and work on, in between other projects with a deadline.

Are you working on a hexi project?

I also made two small projects with 1″ 60 degree diamonds – to share another day – no hurry.

path hexis covered with 'Toasted', you can see some of the 'Spice Market' flowers stacked behind.

path hexis covered with ‘Toasted’, you can see some of the ‘Spice Market’ flowers stacked behind.

I hope you enjoy this addition as  much as I do!  Happy Stitching!!