Belated Happy New Year

[pinterest]It is only January 22nd, maybe I’m a little behind?

My saga began Oct 9th with an inner ear virus, it put me down for over a week, I mean horizontal for over a week, very dizzy, had to hold on to furniture and doorways, dizzy made me queasy, enough said on that, you get the picture.  One has to wear out a virus, antibiotics don’t do a thing.  Followed up with ENT due to my schedule, he gave me a script for prednisone to help me through a couple commitments, it helped.  But when I went off the prednisone, symptoms worsened again, followed by day by day small improvements.  Then we (Russ and myself both) dealt with a 48 hour bug that also set back the inner ear virus healing for me.  Felt I was finally gaining ground in December, the house was decorated by Dec 22nd, much less decor than normal, but I liked the simple decor for a change.  Then Christmas arrived along with bronchitis, another virus, it hit both Russ and I at the same time, we were a pitiful pair coughing and coughing.  Another virus to wear out and of course it wears us out.  Sleep at night with coughing fits, nap during the day, about three weeks later the coughing was better so that we were sleeping at night and days were much better.  It is a slow process to regain stamina after these health issues.

I had a trip to NY to work scheduled this month, decided could manage, worked during the day, eat an early dinner, then get in jammies and robe and crawl in bed to read when there was nothing on TV.  Got a lot of rest and good sleep and the work went well!

Now over three months later, I think I’m over most everything with a little lingering lightheadedness from the inner ear virus from time to time, it is weird, but so much better I can deal with it.  I think I may try driving the car this week!  What a bumpy end to 2012 and beginning to 2013.

This is why I’ve been quiet.  After bronchitis hit us, I really didn’t care about blogging or facebook, much less answering email or chatting, was barely able to take care of business, which thankfully is much slower during the Holidays.  We survived and are looking forward to a ‘healthy’ 2013!

My Mother’s macular degeneration is still active in her right eye, she has another set of shots to endure.  I really hate how it stresses her with all her other health issues.  Thankfully my niece has been a huge help.  I did not want to get near mother with our health issues, so I haven’t seen her in weeks, but we talk on the phone.

Mini Hexagon Tree Skirt

Mini Hexagon Tree Skirt – revised Jan 2013

While I was ‘down’ so to speak I had moments I wanted to do something, so I covered some more hexi’s and revised the little red/white feather tree skirt.  When I made it for Christmas 2011, I used it at the base of a 12″ feather tree.  This year I used it at the base of a 24″ feather tree and it seemed small.

Now I’m frustrated, I can’t load pictures to my Blog this morning, they made improvements and all I upload is a blue question mark.  grrrr [[all better now!]]

On the upside — I wish us all a Happy and Healthy New Year!



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  1. Glad to hear you are all but mended after the wars of way too many attacks on your health. Keep taking care and hoping you, Russ and the rest of the family have the healthiest year.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about all your health issues. I heard you speak when you were in Kansas last year, and will pray for good health for both you and your husband, as well as your mother, so that I might have a chance to see you again someday!

  3. Jo – I hope you are feeling much better and that you, your husband and your Mother have a better 2013! I always look forward to everything you do and say, but your health comes first… Take care. Your friend, linda Hanley.

  4. I just came down with a cold and I’m hoping it leaves soon – no fun being sick! LOVE that little tree skirt – great portable project I’d love to make myself someday! Thanks for the picture and I hope you’re on the mend for GOOD!

  5. Glad to hear you are better. I did not know you had a website until today, but I will be back. Your fabrics are some of my favorites. I have 2 small wall hangings done in your fabric and want to do more.

  6. Glad you and Russ are on the mend. Keep up with fluids and rest….don’t want a relapse. We will always be here when you have time to share!

  7. Glad you and Russ are on the mend. Being sick sure makes feeling good seem good. I’ve had issues the past few days uploading photos also. I think they must have made a change.

  8. Jo, I am so glad to hear you are feeling better, it has been a long road for you. Hope the rest of the year is a healthy one. Love the addition to your tree skirt, it seems to finish it off.

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