New York trip

For those on Facebook, you saw some pictures we posted during our trip.

Update – Retreat was over Nov 11th, Russ and I flew to NYC on Nov 13th, the plan was to work 3 days, then play 3 days.  Best laid plans. . . .

Russ got the ‘bug’ on Sunday morning Nov 11th and was still weak when we left early Tuesday.  I figured he would have a couple/three days to totally recover before our free time.

Well . . . I got the ‘bug’ Tuesday night about midnight, was up most of the night in and out of the bathroom.  Called in sick, slept 24 hours or all day and night Wednesday.  Was up and down on Thursday, ate a little chicken noodle soup, there is a diner a few doors down from the hotel.

Friday, Russ began feeling like normal, I was better and went in to work about 11am, of course I slept in first.

I think the ‘bug’ has also set back the inner ear virus progress and I’m more lightheaded than I was, but it will also eventually go away (in week 7 of the 4 to 10 week recovery prognosis), in the meantime, I’m not driving and need a driver, getting to be a pain you know where.

Saturday it was lovely outside, so after sleeping in, walked a short walk to Times Square, then to Rock Plaza to watch the skating and see the tree surrounded by scaffolding to decorate it.

skating at Rock Plaza – we just watched of course!

scaffolding around the big tree – let the decorating begin!

So so nice to be out among happy people and feel the energy and vibes of NYC!  Of course I had the arm of my honey to guide me.

Some of Madison Avenue was closed off for a Street Fair – look at all the people, keep looking it goes for blocks!

look at all the people enjoying the Street Fair!

Back to hotel to rest Saturday afternoon.

Walked to a favorite restaurant for dinner, then walked over to Lord & Taylor to see beautiful windows, here are a couple of them . . .

Santa’s making a list . . .

I feel like the little girl looking in the window, in awe of the magical season.

Sunday we slept in again, then ate a late lunch and went to see the play ‘Chicago’, was really good, an easy walk and got to sit for 2 1/2 hours of entertainment!

Need a ride? Was funny to walk out and see all of the ‘rides’ waiting and hoping for passengers. We walked back to our hotel, it wasn’t far.

Monday was a work day, we flew home on Tuesday.

Wednesday Russ drove us to Omaha to my printer . . .  press check day . . .  approved!       Let the presses roll !!!!!

Happy news – we will be able to begin shipping the new books the week of December 3rd.

Thanksgiving is over, back to writing directions and think about decorating the house, does that mean I have to put away Halloween now?   🙂





New York trip — 3 Comments

  1. I had heard that you had been sick during your trip. So sorry to hear and hope both of you are well now. I so love your very small quilts. I was part of my quilt shops Little Women’s Club 11. Your fabrics are awesome too. I can only afford fat quarters and buy just a few at a time. Is there a way to get past Little Women’s Club patterns (like all at once like the monthly meetings as that is most affordable)?
    Happy holidays!

    Kimberly Fox

    • Hi Kim, The JLW Club is run in quilt shops with monthly meetings, the FQ bundle or kits is a required purchase. That said some shops offer a monthly mail order JLW Club since not everyone is close to a quilt shop.
      The Club creates new friendships and a social atmosphere that I feel is important in our busy lives.
      Enjoy! Jo

  2. Jo, sorry to hear you got the bug during your trip. Let’s hope we are done with the flu for a long time. I am glad you got some time to enjoy the sights in New York.


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