Sewing at the Orchard – November 2012

Retreat is over, first I want to thank my friends that continue to help me make it happen – Cindy, Sheri, Phyllis and Mary.  We are grateful for Chris the caterer and neighbors that will help us move the ‘store items’ to/from the Kimmel Center.  A wonderful time was had by all, other than the bug that bugged several of the ladies and my DH.

We practiced the back-basting prep method for needleturn appliqué, we hand pieced spool blocks, worked on hexagons, show and tell by Jo of new book quilts, new JLW Club, new patterns for 2013 and some pieces for inspiration, also discussions on techniques and a few demos.  Of course lots of chat and laughter, isn’t this is the bonus of handwork.

TJ Lane joined us Saturday morning with her beautiful and useful sterling silver thimbles and accessories, many silver objects found new homes in several states.

TJ is a little busy, Cindy is helping by writing up sales


Sunday morning we were joined by Stephanie Whitson (Nebraska author), she talked about sod houses and the lives of the ladies in the Great Plains, accompanied by antique quilts and tops from her personal collection.  I know you will enjoy reading her novels.

Stephanie with one of her antique quilt tops

Stephanie also co-authored with Kathleen Moore, published by Kansas City Star:   ‘Home on the Plains: Quilts and the Sod House Experience’.

‘Home on the Plains’ published by KC Star


Here are a few pictures from Retreat, enjoy!

Jill’s Hexagon project in reds, note the hexis are split!

Jill already had a spool block quilt, but stitched more blocks

Amy’s Red Variety quilt, so pretty!

Carolyn’s hexagon project

I ‘love’ Carolyn’s variation on ‘Yankee Doodle’, creative and so pretty

Donna shared a gorgeous quilt from a Lori Smith pattern.

Donna is making another Lori Smith pattern using ‘Crimson Bouquet’ fabrics, really love it, so cheery!

Sue H. has this one ready to quilt for the Holidays!

‘Sewing at the Orchard’ – November 2012

Lastly – a look at part of Jo’s store

Happy Stitching!







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    • Lori, the quilt was made by Donna who attended my Retreat, one of her quilts was made with Crimson Bouquet from November 2011. I don’t know what fabrics were used in Donna’s other quilt. Hope this helps. Jo

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