been quiet – here is the reason why:

On Oct 9, 2012 around 11pm I woke up to the bedroom spinning, I was sweating and feeling not very good, it passed after about 15 minutes.

The morning of Oct 10th, same thing happened, room spinning, lightheaded, sweating and queasy, this progressively got worse.  Thursday Russ took me to the Doctor, Russ used a wheel chair to get me in and out of the office as I was so dizzy and throwing up, they have nice round barf bags in blue for such occasions.

Seems I have an ‘inner ear virus’ – prescribed anti-dizzy pills and anti-queasy pills.  I laid around for 5 days before I could sit up for any length of time, I slept so much I don’t believe it.

So, the summation is:  under the weather, under this quilt and under assorted cats, Tigger in this picture, when I snapped it with my iPhone.  Tigger is the diabetic kitty and not doing so well either.

Jo under the weather, under this quilt, under Tigger here – in the den listening to TV for hours on end.

It is now October 18th, I’m able to be up, kind of walking around with the help of furniture to steady myself, been a long haul, but I feel I’m on the mend and will be able to go to Houston after all.  However I lost 8 productive work days, so guess what – – – I’m behind, same ‘ol story.

Such is life, I didn’t die (however it seemed to be a good option last Thursday and Friday), so it is ‘all good’.

Blog may be a little quiet as we leave for Houston and Quilt Market on Monday afternoon, scheduled to return home Friday November 2nd, doubt that I Blog while in Houston.

By the way, I hope none of you EVER get an inner ear virus.




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  1. At least you’ll be somewhere where you can grab a quilt and take a nap!!!!
    Take good good care of yourself — looks like Tigger is your Nurse!!! Cute!

  2. so sorry to hear this Jo, but glad you are on the mend…my Mom has had vertigo caused by inner ear stuff, and she says it is no picnic! Mend well, not too early!

  3. Hi Jo: Hope you are feeling better. Sadly, yes, I have had this inner ear virus and it is quite scary-Under a quilt and under the cats is the best place to be. Glad it isnt anything more serious. Take care

  4. I had an inner ear virus several years ago. It was the worst thing ever! 🙁 I spent an entire night in the emergency ward with an intern as he poured over his medical books to see how he could alleviate the dizzy spells. The anti-dizzy stuff didn’t work for me. In fact,it had made my dizziness worse. He found a small notation at the bottom of the section on treating dizziness that suggested a small amount of Valium might help. In desperation,we tried it, and it worked! What a relief! For weeks after that,I never went anywhere without that little bottle of Valium in my purse. As time went on,the virus went away and I never needed the Valium again.It did take time and I was out of commission for a few weeks,but was forever grateful to that intern for his dedication and help with a very distressing illness.Best of luck. I wish you a speedy recovery. Be sure to keep getting lots of rest,and don’t get overly tired. I promise that you will be you old self again before you know it.

  5. Wishing you a fast recovery. It is no fun when the whole world is spinning. Take care of yourself , rest and chicken soup and lovey cats will do wonders… Hugs too.

  6. So sorry to hear that Jo, I’ve had that & I totally know how you feel. So glad you are coming to Houston…can’t wait to see what you will have…get well and take care of yourself.

  7. Jo, glad you are feeling a bit better. Have had vertigo more than once and agree it is the top of my don’t do this again list. Also, found out that it can hit if I don’t stay seriously hydrated. My sweet Dr Kate gives me a prescription to keep bedside just in case. Agree with all the others that you need to stay rested and nourished. Have a great trip to Houston. Might consider changing your booth to accomodate a day bed — beautiful way to show off your quilts and for you to have a bit of a rest.

  8. Hope your on the mend. Having an inner ear virus isn’t very fun. But it looked like you had a good nurse in Tiger. Don’t run yourself down in Houston. You don’t want too get sick again.

  9. Sorry that you were down with vertigo but glad your getting better. Take care of yourself in Houston Jo.

  10. Been there! Done that… and it is NO fun!!! Glad you are feeling better, but, be careful in Houston! HUGS… and stitches

  11. Jo, Sorry to hear about your inner ear virus, I hope you continue to feel better. Looks like Tigger gave you the best care possible. Enjoy your trip to Houston, I hope you get better each and every day. See you after you get back.

  12. So sorry you have been sick. Ear infections are no fun at all! The worst part has to be the dizziness. I’m also sorry Tigger isn’t doing well. We had a diabetic cat, we checked his blood sugar two times a day, two shots a day. It’s so tough when they are sick. I hope you are both on the mend and try to enjoy your Houston trip.

  13. Hi Jo,

    This sounded just awful. I hope you feel much better today. Do what you can do to prepare for Houston. The booth will still look wonderful. The new book looks to be a wonderful one. can’t wait to see more than the cover. Safe trip and good health .

    best Wishes,

  14. Bummer !!! So glad your body had what it needed to fight off this irus….. and you are Houston bound… please take it EASY in Houston…. not sure how, could give you half dozen suggestions but you are smart…. do know that if you restin the early afternoon three hours out of the building it will be great for your body.

    I am amazed over the years at the QS owners and help who go to Houston and come back sick…. every year… it seems to be VERY hard on a body…. one lady now takes the under 30 gals to Houston and leaves the over 50 to mind the shop, ha ha.


  15. That sounds just awful, Jo. You must have been very worried about what on earth was happening to you. Very glad to hear that you’re ‘on the mend’. You should try to pace yourself in Houston – easier said than done, I expect.

  16. Oh no, that is awful, and poor Tigger definitely looks under the weather, too. TV for days on end gets a little boring, doesn’t it lol. I am so glad you are feeling a little better. Please take care of yourself and do not obsess over Market.

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