Blog give away – join in!

I haven’t done a blog give away in quite a while, what I really mean is a very loooong time.

Andover has generously donated the famous Andover bag, it is filled with a FQ bundle of ‘Alexandria’ fabrics and a FQ bundle of ‘Sunday Best’ fabrics!  How cool is that!  And it does get better . . . there will be two names selected.

This is easy, leave a comment about your favorite ‘Fall activity’  — this could be a walk in the park, stitching on the patio, shopping with friends, lunch at a local coffee shop, a football game with honey, you know what I mean.

The sign up will run through Monday October 8th.

I know it really feels like Christmas!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Blog give away!   Famous Andover bag, filled with a FQ bundle of ‘Alexandria’ fabrics and a FQ bundle of ‘Sunday Best’ fabrics!!!  Join in the fun!


Blog give away – join in! — 346 Comments

  1. Oh wow! I’d so love to win! Favorite fall activity. Hmmmm. Probably making soup with Oaties bread, a favorite bread recipe. To me, fall means soup. And I love soup!

  2. Love this fabric!! My favorite fall activity is picking apples! Nothing taste better than off the tree.

    Thanks Jo for this great opportunity!

    Jeanne Hammell

  3. My fav fall moment would be driving down the highway at dusk with the leaves changing after a wonderful day with my grandbabies and the whole world is golden and glowing, including my heart.

  4. What a wonderful give away. I’m loving all of it. My favorite fall activity is watching the trees change color and also knowing that the NBA basketball games will be starting soon. Thanks for all you do.

  5. I’m Italian, so naturally this is food related. My favorite thing about fall is apples! Apple pie, apple crisp, caramel apples – anything apple. My very favorite is Mary Beth’s Pecan Caramel Apple Pie with Vodka pie crust. ummmmmmm

  6. Oh wow, what a great giveaway! My favorite Fall Activity is a stitching retreat that I’ve attended for the past 14 years – #15 is in a few weeks!!

  7. I love taking walks at the walking trail and kicking the fall leaves and taking drives looking at the fall leaves on the trees– Would love to win your give away

  8. besides pumpkins and thanksgiving, I think my most favorite is attending the Houston Quilt Festival. I’m very excited and so looking forward to it.

  9. wow what a great give away!!! my favorite fall activity is pumpkin picking & carving spooky faces for Halloween…Trick or Treat 🙂

  10. My family and I enjoy going to the local cider mills here in Michigan. Michigan is fortunate to have so manny to visit. We pick out pumpkins, mums, and you can’t leave without some fresh cider and cinnamon donuts! I also love taking walks down our country road and watching the colors turn to their beautiful shades of crimson and gold! I love fall!
    Thank you for having this giveaway!

  11. Going to the Roundtop Fall Antique Show and the Houston International Quilt Show! And of course football games!! It’s treat time, not trick time!

  12. My favorite fall activity is going to your “Sewing in the Orchard” retreat in Nebraska City…good times, wonderful people and priceless memories! Hugs, Elaine at the Beach

  13. I love all fall. I love to take long walks with the camera and take photos of things that happen in the fall. Myou can get some unusual photo then. Would love to win something from you.

  14. I love going to War Eagle Craft Fair and visiting all of the many quilt shops in the NW Arkansas area. Got to love Jo — I would love to win ! Thanks Jo and Andover Fabrics.

  15. Usually, my favorite part of Fall is to plan all the quilting projects I will do for the winter, while ‘nesting’. I tend to get very ambitious with this. However, I will be attending a Retreat in November, and hope this begins a new Fall tradition!

  16. What I miss most about fall and living further north is fall apple picking! Such great family memories! Guess I will have to settle for winning some amazing fabrics!!! :0). Thanks for the opportunity.

  17. My favorite fall activity is taking a drive and enjoying all the new colors of fall, yellows, reds oranges and all the colors of brown then going home and designing that new quilt using all those great colors. Then in the middle of the cold winter days I think of that drive and the joy I had making the new quilt of fall splender.Keeps me warm all winter .

  18. Thanks for the opportunity Jo. I am one of the many Australians that you met at Quilts in the Barn last year. We are going again on Friday and although it is our spring, it is your fall, and a very favourite and much anticipated activity. I also love visiting the US in the fall. Maybe next year.

  19. I love fall and watching the leaves turn to the beautiful colors that have been hiding all summer, picking up pumpkins at a local farm with my daughters and granddaughters, and finishing the quilt projects I have been making for Christmas gifts.

  20. Very cool!!! thank you for the opportunity!! My favorite fall thing to do is sit by the wood stove, watching the wind and rain and do some stitching on the many projects i have going. Currently working on the binding on my Glimmers JLW project.

  21. My favorite fall outdoor activity is kicking the leaves that have fallen on the trails through the woods near my house. They are such pretty colors, and rustle so nicely. I am fortunate to live near Horseshoe Trail in PA, which connects to the Appalachian Trail. Woods and fall just go together.
    Thank you, Jo and Andover, for the give away.
    Barb in southeastern PA

  22. I’m taking 22 of my quilting friends on a 5 day trip to Lancaster County, PA, and can’t wait to see Jo’s exhibit at the Old Country Store Museum! And all the wonderful Jo fabrics that are waiting to be purchased! Plan on putting together a few hand applique blocks to travel with us. we can’t wait.

  23. I love driving down to Amish country to purchase my mums (and pumpkins!) and then coming home and planting them. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  24. Love the fabric and the bag. I am enjoying the leaves changing color while visiting in West Virginia this fall, instead of at home in Washington State.

  25. Love to win this contest. I love to sit on the deck during fall weather and read. Also handquilting on a hoop is so comfy in the fall!

  26. Autumn is the best time of the year and October is my favorite month. I love simmering soups and pulling out all my fall colored fabrics to sew. I also begin to finish up gifts I’m making for Christmas.

  27. My favorite fall activity is apple picking. Unfortunately, this spring our area had freezing after the apple trees had blossomed, and a huge amount of the crops are lost for the farmers, and there is no pick your own apples this year. The autumn colors are awesome right now, but early…and that may mean a longer winter. More time for quilting!

  28. I just love fall weather. It is perfect to be outside & soak up the fall air & wonderful sights. We enjoy the fall horse show at the Germantown Show Arena with our DGDs. Of course, we know they are jumping their best & thoroughly enjoying the process with entrants from all over the US. The horses seem to feel the wonderful weather also.

  29. Fall is my favorite time of year! We love going for a drive in the country and just looking at all the fall colors. Then when we get…..I love anything pumpkin! My sewing room has pumpkins everywhere. Our favorite is pumpkin pie!

  30. Nothing better than camping in the fall….I love hand stitching in the open air…and sitting around the campfire enjoying the falling leaves, sipping coffee with my hubby.

  31. I love fall – it triggers my creativity in many different ways. Cooking, decorating, and my favorite fall activity: quilting! There’s always a new quilt project, thanks to the birthday discounts my local quilt shops give me for my October birthday.

  32. Being in Texas now I don’t see the fall leaves any more like I did growing up in New York state but I do still look forward to cooler weather. This year my favorite fall activity is decluttering my quilting room and thinking about the trip to Houston Internation Quilt Festival with my sister in law on the bus for our great adventure to see what’s new in the world of quilting, see all the vendors packed with goodies and get all the inspiration for another year of creativity in quilting.

  33. I love riding my horse and hearing the crunching of the leaves, smelling the hearty fall air and looking at the magnificent colors. It’s like riding into a painting!

  34. What a wonderful give away! I love the colors of Fall and decorate with mums and pumpkins. This year we’ve been to a few college football games at my son’s university which have been really fun.

  35. My favorite part of fall is decorating the house and baking. I love the fall colors and when the weather cools, I quilt and rug hook more and bake way too much. It’s tradition!

  36. Oh PLEASE pick me !!! I would love to win this give-away ! I decorate with a very large fall wreath on my front porch surrounded with pumpkins & Mums and of course make pumpkin bread & comfort foods this time of year

  37. Might sound boring, but I LOVE going for a drive in the mountains when the leaves are a t their peak color. We’ll often stop to go for a hike so we can enjoy a close up experience with crunching underfoot!

  38. Hi Jo…I love fall….waiting for the first frost and allergies to hide for a while… the meantime I love to fondle my fall/winter colors of fabric in prep of the long winter sewing days.

  39. Our family loves to go to Julian California. It is an old mining town in southern California and inland from San Diego. We go camping, hiking, shopping and walk through the town with all of its charm…and apple pies baking on every corner!

  40. Thanks so much for the giveaway. I love the cooler weather. It makes me want to quilt and work on my many projects. Get to use the crockpot too…so more time for quilting.

  41. Oh how I’d love to win! This may sound kind of silly, but I live south of Houston Tx so you may understand. My favorite thing in fall is those first mornings after a cool front, when you step outside into the cool air, and you realize it’s time to put the sandals away. I love that (oh so rare) feeling.

  42. Wow, favorite fall things have changed over the years, from raking leaves and jumping in them with the kids, to taking drives to find fall colors in the trees, to heading to a week long retreat with friends! I do the table decoration that stays up all week, so it is fun to pick different themes to decorate. I’d love to win your goodies, here’s to hoping! Off to make some applesauce…

  43. Yesterday FAll Quilt Mania came in my mail box. Two great quilts. Favorite fall activity-pumpkin picking and apple picking. We do both at the same farm

  44. My favorite fall activity is decorating with all the wonderful things of fall!! Crows, pumpkins, colors of changing leaves and the fun hand-made table toppers…..oh, and simmering soup on a chilly day! Awwww….

  45. I like to make Dinner in a Pumpkin and you can’t buy them until after a frost so it’s Fall as soon as that happens. I would love some of the fabric from Andover. Thanks for the giveaway.

  46. I love to get up early on the weekends start driving in the country when it is early dawn almost still dark so that when the sun shines over the country side you see all of fall in its glorious colours. I live in a big city so this really is breath taking to me, morning mist rolling off the roads and everything just sparkles.

  47. This is fun, reading through the comments! My favorite Autumn activity is to be outside. Maybe puttering in a garden or walking around. The cooler weather makes it easier for me. Oh! Fewer bugs, too!

  48. I just came home from my new favorite fall activity – a weekend of sewing and shopping for Jo fabrics with my best quilting buddies. Lancaster County may never be the same…but even if it is, I know I won’t!

  49. I too would love to win a Fall give away! My favourite activity in the fall, going on hikes with my hubby and my camera. Gotta love those fall colours! Thanks!

  50. I would have to say that one of my favorite fall activities is being able to bake and cook casseroles and soups – mmmmm! Somehow it’s tough to think of that today as here in
    Southern California it’s over 100 degrees.

  51. My favorite Fall Activity is working on my Jo’s Little Women’s Club projects while our north Texas summer finally fades to Fall.

  52. A favorite activity in the fall would be hiking to a tower 40 minutes away for a beautiful view. Hopefully, the weather will hold up this year! Thanks for the giveaway, your fabric is the best!

  53. My favourite fall activity would be spending a special day with my honey to celebrate our Anniversary. It’s coming up next week, 28 years! Thanks for a great to chance to win some goodies!

  54. My favorite thing to do in the fall is to go for a ride in the country to see all the different colors of trees!! I love to go to little shops to get fresh picked apples and pumpkins. Fall is a great time to bake and make the house smell so nice!

  55. Love going to the honey crisp apple orchard and the beautiful fall weather-my favorite time of year. Love your fabric lines- thanks to Andover and you, Jo for the wonderful giveaway.

  56. Walking thru the leaves on our path to the lake and sitting on the shoreline watching how the trees across the lake change color on a daily basis

  57. One of my favorite fall activies is just being outside and smelling the “fall air” ! My other favorite is making applesauce and apple pies for the freezer.

  58. I am heading to Des Moines on Thursday and the following week my friends and I are planning a retreat in the country. I guess that at time of year I would have to say both of these activities and spending time with close friends.

  59. I love all you fabric lines! My favorite activity in the fall is camping, the camp fire, cooking outside, and watching all the wildlife.

  60. When I lived near Philadelphia, a ride to Lancaster County was my favorite thing! The colors, the whoopie pies, the quilt shops, some apples and apple cider, a pumpkin pie from Shady Maple grocery store, oh, do I miss that! Here in Georgia, I love to decorate with all of my fall and Halloween “stuff” and sew something with wool!. Thanks so much for the chance to sew with some of your wonderful fabrics!

  61. Going out to my sewing room and choosing the fabrics for a cuddle quilt so that when it gets cold there is a nice quilt to cuddle up in to. Love all your fabrics

  62. There are so many fall activities I love, but the one thing that always says Fall to me is to go to a local favorite apple orchard which has grown in popularity year after year. Homemade fudge, caramel apples, apple butter, fresh made apple pie with ice cream or even a slice of cheese. I haven’t tried the cheese on pie — just can’t quite imagine it! The smells of fall are all around the apple orchard and it reminds me that harvest time is here and how blessed I am. Friends, family and Fall.

  63. I love fall – one thing would be to difficult. I love – more time to quilt as the garden winds down, needing a warm jacket when outside, more time to quilt, crisp air in the morning, turning colors of the leaves, raking piles of leaves for my kids to jump into, finishing up my canning, more time to quilt, making soup, planning Christmas presents.. Did I mention – more time to quilt?? My youngest is now in full time school – did I mention – more time to quilt!!

    I just joined the local Jo club and I can’t wait for our first meeting. Your fabric would be FABULOUS way to start my first club. Thanks for a chance.

  64. My favoritte Fall activity is going to Meramac Springs to Old Iron Works days. We set up a honey booth and stay at a relatives house. It’s our own little family reunion with all of their children and some of ours. I so look forward to it. The trees are usually turning and the air is crisp.
    What a great prize and thanks for the chance to win.

  65. I love being outside and not sweating my buns off! Time to think about and get started on winter projects. Christmas really isn’t too far away!

  66. My favorite activity is being outside with bonfires and just enjoying a good walk with my hubby and dog. Thanks for the giveaway love your fabric.

  67. Wow, nice give-a-way! My favorite fall activities are shuffling my feet through the leaves in the street and listening to the rustling noise. The AQS quilt show in Des Moines is also a lot of fun and this year I will be taking my sister-in-law…her first visit to the show.

  68. Being from southern part of Texas, we don’t have the traditional fall like the north does. Our colder weather does not come in until later in the year and we don’t have leaves turning. I have enjoyed being in different parts of the US during that time, but it does not happen here. However, we go to an antique show at Roundtop, Texas that starts the last weekend of September through the first weekend of October followed by the Houston International Quilt show at the end of October, so going to those two activities always signifies the beginning of fall for me.

  69. My favorite fall activity is baking. Fall always puts me in the mood for apple pies…double crust or crumb topped, made with half Golden Delicious and half Granny Smith apples. Warm…sometimes topped with ice cream and sometimes with a slice of good cheese. Yum!

  70. My favorite fall activity is getting together with my family , Going to the pumpkin patch and carving pumpkins, just love all of the laughter and silliness while we carve those faces while eating pizza And Halloween candy.

  71. Wow! You are really making up for a loooooong time Jo with this giveaway. Thank you for the chance to win. I was glad to read today that you get a wonky border sometimes too. I have gotten into the habit of cutting mine a quarter inch too large as well and trimming down. I thought it was just me. Now I can confess! Favorite fall activity – watching the Big Red machine football games (with something in hand to sew of course). Thanks again, Mary

  72. What a great giveaway, would love to be the lucky winner. Fall is absolutely my favorite time of year. I love to take long walks in the woods and look at all of the beautiful fall colors. I also love to pick up acorns, pinecones and other goodies to bring to school to share with my students.

  73. Living as I do in a warm (excuse me) hot part of the country, I get really energetic when fall arrives. I can’t wait until daylight saving time ends so I can catch up on my sleep. I enjoy attending the International Quilt Festival each fall – and seeing all the eye candy. Thanks for offering give-a-ways … and continuing to design quilt and fabric. Kathy

  74. Pumpkins!!! Pumpkins!! Pumpkins…I love carving..Cooking , Baking..just love the beautiful
    big -medium- small Orange Pumpkins..And then there’s pies make and partake..

  75. I love Alexandria, Sunday Best and Jo Morton! Although I decorate in a more traditional style, I love her fabrics for my quilts. My favorite fall activity? Packing to head for Florida and spending the winter with all my quilting buds!! Here’s hoping I win something, anything. Nancy in W-NY

  76. My favorite Fall activity is to get a Pie Pumpkin (the light peach colored ones) and cook it down. I can it and also make LOTS of pumpkin bread! It is a family favorite. I serve it with whip cream and hot cider!!!!! Yum! My four kids have continued the tradition. So fun!
    Barbara Bennett

  77. What a wonderful give-away. Favorite part of Fall for me is being outside on the porch, hand sewing in the crisp air, the color of the changing leaves and the smells of the season. Inside, my favorite would be curled up with a book, a cup of tea and the smells of baking, scented candles and maybe a little fire in the fireplace.

  78. What fun to possibly win an Andover bag of Jo fabrics just for letting you know my favorite “Fall Activity” is observing the changing colors of the leaves and sunsets. The lengthening shadows make it even more beautiful.

    Love getting to read others favorite activities. Thanks for making that possible, Jo.

  79. Jo, I know you’ll be able to appreciate this since you’ve been to South Texas in the summer. My favorite thing about fall is being able to put away those summer clothes and sandals and getting out long-sleeved tops and my favorite socks. Not to mention getting a lower utility bill because the A/C won’t be running full blast any more!! Plus I love fall colors – those rich golds and rusts and greens and purples. And don’t forget the browns. Bring it on!!

  80. What a great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to win! My favorite fall activity is visiting a local pumpkin farm with my grandchildren…riding out to the pumpkin patch on a hayrack wagon… watching their expressions as they run from pumpkin to pumpkin trying to pick out the best of the best… and then carrying their selections back to the hayrack wagon for the ride back to the farm! Pure joy!

  81. What an exciting giveaway, just the inspiration for starting the next quilt for fall. Fall is special time for taking grandchildren to our local orchard to pick our favorite apple – Honey Crisp.

  82. Thanks for the chance to win your wonderful fabric. Fall means apples, family get togethers and the Houston quilt festival…all my favorite things!

  83. I just enjoy spending time outside with family or friends doing any activity. Seems we always enjoy beautiful fall days when we know they are soon to be followed by colder weather.

  84. This may sound silly–but I love pumpkiny things cooking while I am in between quilting and cooking! Pumpkin bread, pumpkin crab soup (my next dinner), pumpkin lattes, pumpkin pancakes are all delish. I also am more on the mood to quilt in the fall.

  85. Hi, Jo, Fall in New England are your colors ! Wish you were here to enjoy them with us. Not to mention the spicy scent in the fresh, crisp air ! Nature is wonderous and I am grateful.

  86. Favorite Fall Activity – apple picking with my husband and 3 yr old son. My son’s excitement in picking apples straight from the tree remind my how simple activities are the joys of life.

  87. hi Jo, My favorite fall activity is a bit unconventional but it is what I like to do. We go to our cabin in northern Wisconsin, put the game camera’s out, pick apples, not the eating kind, and put them out for the deer to eat near our hunting stands. A week of so later we will out see what pictures are on the camera and put more feed out. We will do this every weekend until deer season opens. It is so nice to be out in the woods where it is quiet and the color is so rich. Of course in between time there will be plenty of sewing and getting hand work ready to work on while I am waiting for the deer to come. Thanks for this great giveaway, hope I am one of the lucky ones.

  88. My favorite is just enjoying the cool weather and all the beautiful fall colors of all the leaves! The colors are amazing!

  89. Living in New England fall means visiting the Eastern states exposition which is a giant 40 acre country fair where all of the New England states are represented. My family has not missed going in 33years.

  90. Great opportunity to win great fabrics. Living in Colorado, we go to the mountains and enjoy the fall colors. Gold, red, and the evergreen trees all take your breath away. Thanks for the chance to win.

  91. Without a doubt, my favorite fall activity is making apple pie using fresh local apples and my own crust just as my dear mother did for so many years! I use her recipe, her rolling pin, and her oversized pie plates, and reminisce about the many times we baked together! I love it!

  92. I love photographing falling leaves and trees and print those pictures on fabric paper to create small keepsake quilts to give away and keep! I love photographing the changes of the season; nature gives us the best inspiration for creating quilts.

  93. Jane A.
    Enjoying the colorful mountains here in Utah and the end of yard work so I can sew without guilt of not dead heading my flowers. I have gathered all Jo’s fabric and now I need to sew with it. Need some green and cheddar on my walls now.

  94. Every part of my being smiles when it’s fall! I love the cooler temps (I’m not a warm weather person!) and the colors and the apples and even being chilly for a little while – until it’s cold enough to get out my jacket! But mostly, I love sitting in my recliner in the evening and hand stitching the bindings on the quilts I’ve done over the summer. It’s too hot then to have quilts on your lap, but the cooler autumn evenings are perfect for that. And it’s such a feeling of accomplishment! What a wonderfully generous giveaway, Jo. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win. A couple of someones are going to be really happy campers – and I’ll be happy for whomever wins!

  95. Love fall and the change in getting cooler weather. My favorite activity is going to the little boys baseball games and Halloween. Love Halloween!

  96. We love to take walks in the park and enjoy the fall colors of the trees. I just decorated our home with my favorite fall quilts.

  97. Fall is my most favorite time of year. My most favorite thing to do is decorate my home with all the Fall decor. Then light the candles amongst the decor and enjoy the warmth and glow. Makes you feel like life is good and all is cozy.

  98. When I lived in upstate New York….way upstate near the Canadian/ Vermont borders…we knew it was Fall when the first Firemen Field Day arrived. There would be several weekends in a row, community after community, filled with these fun events. Some of the best clam chowder could be found, activities for families, Fire Departments showing off their skills in fire fighting competitions – all while providing donation funds to the volunteer fire departments. I often think of those wonderful memories come September & October now that I live in Texas.

  99. Thanks for a great give away. Fall means that I get to stitch more in the evenings–it’s hard to work out in the garden when it’s dark outside!

  100. Each Fall we attend a music festival up in the N. Georgia mountains. We camp and the weather is usually nice and crisp. We have wonderful memories of all the years before and all those ahead of us. We enjoy the mountains and the fall weather by takng walks and seeing nature in all its glory.

  101. Beautiful fabrics! In the fall I love to walk through the fallen leaves, kicking them up and smelling “that” smell, and taking long rides to look at the fall color!

  102. Fall is my favorite season. I love so many things, but my favorite fall activity has to be going apple picking. Apples are just so crisp and yummy straight off the tree.

  103. I love the cooler weather, I can be outside and enjoy myself, and the colors. Fall vegetables and fruits are a favorite too. Thanks for this opportunity!

  104. Red leaves, gold leaves, pumpkins and muffins, these are a few of my favorite fall things. This past weekend was one of my favorite activities. Driving up north to take in the fall colors and attend a quilt retreat with great friends.


  105. Oh wow I could not even fathom winning a gift like this what a feeling it must be to even have it to give to a lucky person or persons…. Every year we love to go to the same pumpkin patch in Pikeville, Tn and have the most delicious apple dumpling w/vanilla ice cream that is out there well I think so. We have been doing this for 17 years. They are only open from Sept. to the week of Thanksgiving and we get to go 2x’s it just awesome….at first it was just my Dh and I then we added my Mom then we added my adult children and now the 3 grand we just have the whole family looking forward to going….thanks for such a wonderful opportunity..

  106. Love the fabrics! Thanks for the chance to win them 🙂 My favorite fall activity is our guilds annual retreat. What could be more fun than spending 5 days and 4 nights with friends and to top it all off, there’s great food, lots of laughs, little sleep, and shopping! did I mention and shopping?? I’m actually working on a fall colors batik Nickel quilt right now so that’s kinda fun too!

  107. Fall is my favorite time of year. I love to go to the fall festivals in the area..I love all the pumpkins,colored leaves and the hardy mums.

  108. My favorite Fall activity is getting out all my Halloween decorations and sprucing up my house with the beautiful colors of Fall.

  109. One of my favorite fall activities is to take a ride in our “old” convertible into the country to see the color changes of the trees.

    Charlotte S.

  110. My favorite fall activity is sitting at the marina enjoying one of the last fall sunny days with my golden retreiver Autumn

  111. Hi Jo,
    My favorite fall activity is going up into the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains and touring and buying apples, cider, baked goods, and other fall items from the local growers. It’s so good to buy things from the growers. It just tastes better. I’d love a chance to win, Mary A.

  112. Hi! Fall is a beautiful time of year to be outside enjoying the beauty of the fall colors whether it is taking a car ride or a horseback ride. Also love the warm days and cool nights. of course spending some time at the sewing machine with beautiful Jo fabrics ranks right up there too!

  113. Smelling autumn in the air, walking thru the leaves, baking an apple pie, sleeping with the window open on a cool night.

  114. My favorite activity is attending a fall festival in my town that’s called Old-Fashioned Day. It includes a craft fair, musical entertainment, and exhibits of antique cars and tractors (my favorite). Proceeds of the festival, held on the courthouse grounds, benefit the senior adult center. A drawing is held for a beautiful quilt made and donated by the Saline County Quilt Guild. I have entered to win the quilts for 25 years, but my name has never been drawn.

  115. One of my favorite things to do every autumn is head out to our local pumpkin farm with all the grandkids to find that special pumpkin for each one of them. It’s always a fun and special time and my absolute favorite time of year! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  116. I love to go apple picking, the only time of year when I can get them fresh off the tree and there is nothing better than a fresh apple for a daily snack. Of course it is a fun time to decorate and cool enough to go hiking, a wonderful season to enjoy.


  117. I love just walking and looking at the beautiful trees, especially against the blue, blue September/October sky. The reds and golds and rusts are just so vibrant you don’t want to stop enjoying them. And for this particular coming weekend, our quilt club will be hanging quilts inside of our historic railroad depot and outside in the park! (The bad news is, it’s supposed to be turning cold right about then.- but that’s how it is in Minnesota)

  118. As a new quilter (at age 64), I would LOVE to win your fabric – you create beautiful designs! Yes, like everyone else, Fall is my favorite time of year and this year is special for us as we’re taking our 4 yr. old granddaughter & her 7 month old brother to Oak Glen (in Southern California) to pick apples & find the ‘perfect’ pumpkin! I can’t wait. I’ve also started sewing my very first Fall table runner – love those colors! I am SO enjoying being a Quilter!

  119. Quilting is first of course, then decorating for Fall … since it is my favorite season, then the cooking and baking. Wait maybe it is the trees and deer and turkeys outside. … oh, and the ducks heading south when they stop at the pond … cooler walks in the morning … just everything because I really am a Fall person. And we all know our Jo fabrics are perfect, warm Fall colors … I have to go sew now …

  120. My husband and I love a long walk in the woods. Being artists we enjoy all the colors, take photos and then we paint from them. A wonderful way to be outdoors before the long winters in doors.

  121. With new American connections its fun to use the word ‘Fall” for Autumn and to join in all the Halloween activities.

  122. My favorite part of Fall has to be the leaves….driving up in the mountains to look at them…memories of running through the fallen leaves in our yard as a kid. It all makes me feel good.

  123. Right now, I have four gorgeous pumpkins nestled under my loaded apple trees – tomatoes are ripe,I have five big green peppers, and a zucchini the size of a small canoe that somehow escaped my notice until today. My favorite fall activity is harvesting the results of the seeds my granddaughter and I planted in the spring. Tomorrow we make applesauce.

  124. My favorite fall activity is visiting the local Farmer’s Market for Indian corn, pumpkins and apples. There’s nothing like the aroma of apple tarts baking.

  125. My favorite fall activity is waking up to a crisp morning and going for a walk, then enjoying the warm afternoon – especially Indian summers. Fall colors are so beautiful!

  126. Eventhough we don’t get much of a fall season here in southern CA, I enjoy pretending it is autumn by baking pumpkin goodies and making fall related quilts!

  127. I love hiking the bluffs and enjoying the fall colors at a local state park. After the hike, going to the apple orchard right outside of the park for apples (to make apple sauce and apple bread) and a caramel apple for the drive home.

  128. My favorite Fall activity is decorating. The first week of September I bring out the pumpkins and fall quilts/wall hangings. A week or two before Halloween, I add black cats and witches. Shortly after Halloween, the cats and witches get changed out for Pilgrims and turkeys. First week of December, Fall gets packed away and Christmas decorations rule. My home isn’t very large and I have to keep telling myself “no more pumpkins!”.

  129. It’s Spring here in Australia

    I’m looking forward to seeing two of my kids…..they have spent the school holidays with their grand patents

  130. Fall for me is a time to take a deep breath …relax…sit by my outdoor fireplace and reflect on those in my life…and remember the one love I miss the most. It’s finishing my Jo quilts so I can leave a part of me to someone special in my life…hopefully for the holidays.

  131. We only have to pick one. I love to make homemade applesauce. With the fresh new apples. And I like to take walks with with husband , Paul. Thanks for this chance to win.

  132. I love the Fall (Autumn here in Australia), It’s my favourite season. I love to take my little dog for a walk- the days are still warm,but there is a vague chill to the air. Perfect.
    Thanks so much for the chance in your give away. Also Perfect!

  133. Thank you very much for offering us the opportunity to win. Before it gets really cold, I love to load up my bike and hit the trails nearby. Miles of groomed trails and time to be quiet and just enjoy the beauty of the season. Once the weather turns cold, it’s time to settle in and begin the many Jo projects I have accumulated over the summer.

  134. My favorite fall thing is to go apple picking. We allways took our two girls and now we get to take our grandkids too!! Love those fabrics too! Karen

  135. My favorite fall activity….hard to pick only one. Every fall I go to the farmer’s market(which I love to do as well), get fresh apples and make apple pies for the freezer, usually 25-30. I love having the pies to make a somewhat plain meal special, to take with a meal for a friend, or as a thank you gift. We enjoy them throughout the year. I enlist my family in helping and the day is long but fun. The cool crisp air, beautiful colors and the house getting cozy for the upcoming cold days is great as well. What a reprieve from a long, hot, dry summer.

  136. Oooh I would love to win. Here in Cyprus it gets extremely hot, so you lose all energy. My favourite fall activity is to sew and be active again, and when I win that fabric, who knows what I will be able to accomlish once I have my energy back again…

  137. I love to sit outside in our yard and watch all of the changes taking place – the leaves rustling down out of the trees, the squirrels hiding just a few more snacks for later, the bees working furiously to pollenate the late-blooming flowers. We are all so busy these days – I find that taking just a few minutes to slow down and appreciate what is going on as Nature changes her colors is so relaxing and inspiring to me as a quilter!

  138. Fall is my favorite time of year. Time to slow down and enjoy the changing leaves, plan new projects and spend some outdoor time with family. Every fall we plan a family camping trip as the leaves are changing and the weather changes to cool days. We love this time together and really enjoy all that fall has to offer…..especially everything pumpkin. 🙂

  139. What a great give away. I love fall colors.the trees are changing here such a colorful time. Thanks for the chance to win those wonderful fabrics.

  140. This is the time of year that my grandchildren are participating in their Fall sports activities. I love going to the football games and cross country events. I also begin thinking about Christmas gifts to make. The sunny cool days of Fall are ideal for jump-starting the holiday projects. Enjoy a nice cup of warm cider and a slice of homemade apple pie or pumpkin pie. Thanks Jo for the chance to win a lovely gift. Happy Fall to you and Russ.

  141. I love watching the leaves turn to vibrant red, orange and yellow under clear blue skies. Also going to the farmer’s market to purchase squash, pumpkins, apples and all things fall.

  142. My favorite thing to do in the fall is go apple picking. Then I love getting home and making apple crisp, baked apples, apple pie and a little later apple sauce with the left over apples. Yummmm!

  143. Raking leaves into huge piles and watching my boys jump into them is the best thing about fall to me. The days are cooler and spending time outside with the family is the best.

  144. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Fall! The cool crisp air, pumpkin pie, trees putting on their best show of color and the sound of the high school marching band at their early morning practice all signals to me another year is drawing closed. It also always reminds me how VERY blessed I am that God has seen fit to allow me the privilege of seeing all his handy work for yet another year. (Guess he has peeked in my closet too and seen how many UFO’s I have and realized I really need to stay around a while longer to finish some of them)

  145. Love all that fabric!! Fall is the best time of the year- Leaves are beautiful and the temp is just right. Best fall activity is peeling apples and making apple pie with the grandkids. Always fun to have all the family involved in fall activities!

  146. My favorite fall activity is being able to sit and sew on quilts without feeling guilty that it is still light outside. Althought I love this time of year because the heat goes away and it is comfortable and the mountains are so pretty with fall colors.

  147. It’s football season! I love to watch both college and professional football. I always make sure I have a project in my hands for the commercials, replays, and timeouts. It’s amazing how much I get done while watching and listening to football. Thanks for the giveaway, Jo!

  148. This one is so easy, I LOVE going to fall festivals where they are making apple butter. You know if they are making apple butter in a super big cooking caldron and stirring it constantly with a big wooden paddle, the whole festival will be perfect 🙂

  149. Sunday has always been a family day for us. Now that we are empty nesters we really enjoy taking a drive on Sunday especially in the fall season after church. Sometimes we stop for a late lunch or early dinner. We very often drive the secondary country roads. If it is inclement weather it is usually a movie or football game and hand quilting.

  150. Fall has always been my favorite time of year. After the summer is over at the lake and the weather gets cooler, I’m ready for sewing and what a pretty time to do it. The guys are in the field, the smell of fall is in the air and I can watch out my window in the sewing room at the field work going on and I get that feeling of family, the change of season. Nothing better than family, fall harvest, the fall colors, and sewing on my baskets quilt from the recent class I took to get that warm feeling of fall.

  151. My favorite fall activity is walking my dogs through the park with the glorious changes in colors and the cool crisp smell of fall leaves.

  152. My favorite fall activity is on a cold day sitting in front of a fire, watching an old movie while doing some hand work. Embrodiery, applique or hand quilting.

  153. My favorite fall activity is helping with the fall harvest….helping put grain in the bins, getting “itchy” from the grain dust, and enjoying the meal in the field on the edge of the end gate off the truck!

  154. Fall is AWESOME. I love going to PA and visiting Amish country, farmers markets, antiques, quilt stores and most of all the Poconos to see the changing leaves. If it is fall, I want to be in PA (live in San Antonio, TX). Then I come and love to decorate my house for fall with all of the wonderful things I found in PA. Thanks Jo and Andover!

  155. Do I have to pick just one favorite for fall?? I guess my favorite is the cool, crisp air. Makes me want to snuggle with a quilt and hibernate.

    Thanks for the opportunity for your give away.

  156. Yippppppee, my favorite part of fall is the changing of the seasons, the cool weather the leaves falling, the smell of leaves buring the hint of rain in the air, pumpkins, decorating, baking. it is all great!

  157. My very favorite fall activity is going to the pumpkin patch with my grandchildren. They have a train to get to the pumpkins that stops at a petting zoo on the way, then goes to the pumpkins that grow around a huge maze made from hay bales.

  158. Well Fall is my favourite time of year-and the crisp autumn air, the beautiful reds, golds and rusts of the falling leaves against the dark blue sky inspire me to quilt. Whether its the colours, the winding down of the season or the progressive chill in the autumn days, I can think of no better way of spending a fall evening (after spending the day enjoying the fall weather) than in front of a warm crackling fire, sewing another fantastic quilt!

  159. I love fall, but I think I love it even more after the terribly hot and dry summer we had. I love quilting, using the fall colors – oranges, cheddars, browns and gold. And baking pumpkin bars – they just aren’t the same any other time of the year!

  160. One of my favorite fall activities is something I won’t be able to do as easily as I used to, is go up the noth shore of Minnesota along Lake Superior. The lake and all the beautiful colors are so wonderful this time of the year. Our family would take a weekend and do that as well as go to canal park in Duluth just to watch the ships come in.

  161. Every fall I fly from WA to SC to visit my daughter and her family. The wonderful weather and scenery and being with my grand-daughters makes it a very special season.

  162. Great giveaway, Jo! Just the thing to keep me occupied while George wanders around looking like a little boy who has been grounded for a month and had all his toys taken away from him.:-)

  163. Hi Jo,
    We are going on our last camping trip for the season and fall is the best time to go up to the Fall Homecomming in Tenn. Time seems to slow down a bit and having longer evenings, I have a bit more time to catch up on my quilting! Love all your quilts. Your colors remind me of the fall leaves. Keep up those beautiful ideas you have!
    Your friend in quilting.

  164. Fall is my favorite season. Love walking in the woods when the air is crisp and cool enough for a light jacket, crunching the leaves beneath my feet, and just taking in all the sights and sounds of God’s most beautiful season.

  165. Jo,
    I love walking in the woods in the fall. There are no bugs and the fall leaves in New England are beautiful!

  166. I love fall! We just returned from our 2800 mile Civil War camping trip and one of our last stops at my request was the People’s Place Quilt Museum in Intercourse to see your quilts! They are just beautiful! My favorite fall activity is enjoying all the beautiful fall colors on the trees and waiting for school activities to begin that our grandchildren will be in. Love your books, your quilts and your fabric!
    Wendy in WNY

  167. Our Streetsboro Quilt Guild show is the first weekend in October — I do so look forward to seeing the gems that have been created by fellow quilters! What a variety there will be – just as varied as the changing leaves. We each have been given our own eyes and hands to make the world a more beautiful place with our creations. Judy in Ohio

  168. Oh my Jo its so hard to pin down my favorite activity for time of the year. I love the weather change, the fall colors, and being outdoors. I have been busy cleaning out my gardens and flower beds readying for winter here in PA. I think it signals to me when I put my gardens to bed for the winter it’s now time I can give myself to sew and quilt…things I absolutely love. I would love to put those fabrics to good use! Thank you Jo and Andover Fabrics for this generous giveaway.

  169. Hands down, its going with my kids and grandkids to the local pumpkin patch farms. love seeing the world thru their eyes.

  170. Fall is our families favorite time of year. I get to change out all the house decorations & quilts to fall, pull out the richer color fall clothes, and cook inside soups, stews & baked goods. Then to top it off hopefully a trip to the Houston quilt festival with the girlfriends.

  171. On e of my favorite things about Fall is apple picking and getting fresh cider donuts! YUM! I also enjoy driving thru the Adirondacks enjoying all the fall colors. Thanks for this chance to win a great prize Jo!

  172. My favorite fall activity would be opening up the house and enjoying the cooler weather. It doesn’t last long here in Texas so we enjoy it while we can.

  173. My favorite fall activity is football, I love to watch the games and stitch! I would love to win some of this fabric. Jo Fabric is my favorite! Its also hard to find in my neck of the woods.

  174. Wow, I didn’t think I would ever get to the end of the message list.
    Fall is my favorite everything about it.
    The crisp clean smell of the air, leaves changing color and falling, walking in the woods, football games, making all those baked dishes, soup, and comfort foods that just don’t work in the summer. The “Quilt Shop Hop” in this area (Western Mass.) is at the end of October, how fun is that. Then, of course, you have to sit down and sew some of those new fabrics you just purchased.

  175. Wow!! Hard to pick just one activity. I love everything fall!!! The crisp air. The changing leaves. Soups. Football. And so much more!!! So my favorite fall activity will just be “enjoying” fall!!!

  176. Love, love your fabrics! Thank you for sharing with us. I love opening my windows to that first cold front that comes through North Texas. I also love riding my bike in the park through all the fallen leaves. Makes me feel like a kid again 😉

  177. I love all things “fall”- especially the colors of fall which you so skillfully reproduce in many of your fabric lines. Thank you for that. Baby Emma is yummy in the fall color contrasted with black. My favorite fall activity- long walks on brisk mornings with the glorious fall foliage.

  178. I don’t think my message came through the first time, so, my favorite things are picking up leaves and acorns and bringing them home to display. I love all things pumpkin. I keep trying to grow them, but I guess the soil in my garden is not good for pumpkins. I got one last year, and this year one died. I hope to win the fabric. I am working on the center of the Prarie Flowers Encore. I would love to win. Thanks.

  179. Tommorrow is my 37th wedding anniversary! I love the Fall season and everything about it. Just spent the weekend enjoying the peak in the Fall colors, a week early this year. Next weekend is the pumpkin farm with the grandkids. Most of all I love the cool crisp mornings and just a small warm up in the afternoons. Somehow the stars are brighter too and you have to love the harvest moon. I love your fabrics and would love to do something with either group since I don’t have them yet. Thanks Jo.

  180. My favorite things to do in the fall is photographing the fabulous Colorado fall colors and checking out the pumpkin patches.

  181. Fall is my favorite season. I love all the colors of fall. I love the cool crisp weather. Perfect for a brisk walk or bike ride. Also love football and Sunday morning newspaper. And stitching of course!

  182. Wow what a give away, my favorite fall activity is raking the beautiful colored leaves into piles (which my neice usually runs through them laughing so hard you just have to laugh along with her) she scatters the leaves everywhere (again) while she rests I continue to rake up the plie (again) which does wear me out but it’s great fun

  183. Cleaning closets has got be be my all time favorite fall activity! The children were at school so it was a great way to R-R-R….reduce, repurpose,recycle their closets 😉 Fluffing my autumn/winter clothing and then….the absolute best…..organizing fabrics and planning holiday gifts.
    Devanie Fergus
    Westworth Village, TX

  184. My favorite thing to do in the fall is to enjoy the changing colors outside while having my tea. Living in the northeast I am lucky to have all the beautiful colors of fall to inspire me with color combinations. Thank you for the chance to win some fabric. I have always been a huge fan of yours and your fabric.

  185. My favorite things to do in the fall are apple picking, and then baking with the apples I have picked. Going Friday and can’t wait to smell the homemade apple pie mmmmmmmmmm

    I would love to win the fabric you are giving away, you design beautiful fabrics!

  186. My favourite fall activity is going on my annual guild retreat. This year it is on my birthday which makes it even more special to have 3 days of stitching and fun with friends.

  187. Wow, what a great gift set from Andover, with great Jo fabrics! Fall is my favorite season, I love the cooler mornings and evenings, and the beautiful fall colors when the leaves start to turn. One of my favorite activities with my husband on a Saturday afternoon is to drive to our closest quilt shop in McKinney, TX–Happiness is Quilting. They carry all of her great fabric lines, and quilt books. I have fun shopping at the quilt shop while my husband enjoys shopping at the Cheaper than Dirt store in McKinney. Then after our shopping spree, we meet back up and have a nice dinner out at one of the local resturants in the downtown area of McKinney.

  188. Like others, I think one of my favorite fall activity is baking. There is nothing like pumpkin bread in the oven to make the house smell good – which of course then leads to decorating!

  189. I just LOVE this bundle of fabrics! Talk about x-mas! It’s too good to be true! Two ladies will be SO lucky! My favorite activity is going to the apple orchard with the kids! They love to pick out pumpkins and run around in the maze! The smells and colors are SO delightful!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  190. Fall is my favorite time of year. Love the changing colors and the air just smells cleaner! Once a year, my 4 sisters, 1 sister-in-law, and 2 nieces come out to my town on a Saturday and we spend the day shopping and go to lunch. It’s been a tradition for 4 years now!

  191. I never thought I’d say this, but picking apples would have to be my favorite fall activity. My Dad owned an apple orchard and at the time years ago, it was my least favorite fall activity. Now, I have such fond memories of that “drudgery.” Thank you for a chance to win some great fabric!

  192. Fall is my favorite season of the year with all of the beautiful foliage and sunny days. I enjoy just being outside in the yard and sittin in the yards swing in the sun. It’s time to start putting the garden to bed for winter, picking up pecans, etc.

  193. Living in Upstate New York on the border of Pennsylvania is about the most beautiful place you can be in the Fall. We love to just take a ride in the car and enjoy the colors that will be gone all too quickly. I also love changing the quilts that I decorate my home with because they bring those beautiful colors inside for everyone to enjoy.

  194. Fall is my favorite time of year. I love taking country walks with my hubby enjoying the birds and the cooler weather. Hope you get a chance to unwind as well.

  195. When I lived in Northern Virginia, I loved to go for walks in nearby parks, enjoying the fall color, and then go home for hot chocolate and a fire in the fireplace. Here in south texas I still love walking in beautiful parks, but (alas) there is no fall color, and no fire in the fireplace until winter when it gets cooler!

  196. Dear Jo,
    My favorite fall activity is to use the outside to decorate the inside of our home. A Nebraska girl relocated because of a military husband we try to show others how simple decorating can be but how beautiful. Leaves, branches, corn stalks, pumpkins, apples and mums. Add a fall table runner and you have a beautiful setting.

  197. Fall is my favorite season. I love going apple picking, hiking when the trees have turned, and quilting in the cooler weather!

  198. This Fall is a remarkable one here in the Midwest! Following one of the hottest and driest summers I find the shorter days and cooler temperatures a much welcomed break!!! My two favorite activities begin with spending more time outside with my four rescue dogs and horse, then returning to my home office to spend time planning my future quilting projects! Thank you in advance for the opportunity to participate in your giveaway.

  199. I think canning and drying and digging potatoes is my favorite Fall activity. It is really a lot of work but when you get done the quarts of fruit look beautiful and you know you could survive being snowed in, which would be my favorite winter activity (as long as the electricity doesn’t go out. I guess I could light a fire and teach myself to hand piece. 🙂

  200. I enjoy the cooler weather of fall. I just finished Eggs and Bacon (JLWC11) using the new Leesburg fabric line. I think I love this time of the year most because of the warm, rich colors of autumn.

  201. Fall, my favorite of all the seasons….was thinking of why just the other day, not sure if it is the memories of first days of school, new cloths, fresh pencils and art supplies. Or maybe its sending my kids back to school and the peacefulness of the house. I love the colors of the leaves…fighting the need to turn the furnace on for the first time…finding some time to start a new quilting project and most of all, I know its time for friends and family to gather together.

  202. My favorite fall activities would include going for a walk through the woods, baking my favorite apple cake recipe and then as the temperature drops as the sun goes down, sitting by a fire outside and enjoying the crispness of the evening.

  203. Planting my garden with winter crops is my favorite fall activity. Once the first cold snap arrives here in hot and humid Florida, we make a big pot of chili.

  204. One of my favorite fall time activities is going for a horseback ride to enjoy the colors and aromas of fall. A great way to relax your mind and body!

  205. A fall favorite is combining layers of sauerkraut, loin of pork, and freshly picked apples to include for color and added freshness in a slow cooker. It makes the house smell so yummy and warms the tummy, too, as the temps take a dip in prep of cooler nights!

  206. The thing I love is the harvest moon, that giant full moon we only get in the fall. I love taking my dog on walks every day, now that it is cooler, and finding pretty leaves and branches that I use to decorate. And I really love it when I am driving home at night and the auto-timer has turned on the lights in my front windows. Thanks for making me think of why I am a happy girl in fall.

  207. Wow, what is my favorite fall activity. In sunny,hot,rainy Florida,we rarely
    have days you could call ‘fall’.
    On those rare days, I love to kick back in my hammock under the trees. I have been known to have a little nap there.

  208. Apple picking is a favorite fall activity. We enjoy baking apple deserts especially apple pie. Top it with vanilla ice cream -yum!

  209. OK – so my favorite thing to do in the fall is stitch wool applique while relaxing on the sofa while the chili I just made is cooking on the stove while I am wearing cozy sweats while I watch the leaves fall outside….ain’t life grand when you live on the quilty side!!!!

  210. What great fabrics! Fall activites include a walk with leaves crunching under your shoes, pumpkin bars, and trips to the pumpkin patch with grand children! Reminder to self: do soon winter will be here all too quickly!

  211. I almost hate to admit it because we have several large trees, but I like to rake leaves, especially on a cool, but sunny day. And when that is done, there is more time for quilting!

  212. I love fall for the changing leaf colors in our area. I live on the Mississippi River. The bluffs alont the river are awashed with the most beautiful colors

  213. Thanks for the chance to win! My favorite thing to do in the fall is take a drive in the country to look at the trees changing color and visit the apple orchards. Yum, fresh apples!

  214. Gathering around a fire with friends talking about our fun summer. I love a good fire and roasting marshmallows… OMGosh Somores!


  215. Hi Jo:
    May favorite Fall activity is to put away all of my Summer decorations and bring out my Fall decorations. I love to run to the Pumpkin Patches for Pumpkins, gourds and Mums. I love burning clove and rosehip scented candles, and best of all, I love baking nut breads and pies, and I so enjoy that first cool evening of the season when I once again serve my Roasted Chicken with Roasted Winter vegetables. Yum, Yum.

  216. I love to work on halloween quilts, shop for fall fabrics, gather pumpkins for in and outside the house, and put up an antique looking halloween tree. Also like to iron fabrics, today it was Bridgeport fabrics.

  217. The cooler fall temperatures and beautiful colors always draw me out for hikes in the woods. Fall is my favorite season! I recently discovered you and your quilt style. I think I’ve found my niche!

  218. October means quilt retreat at Lutherhaven on Lake Coeur d’Alene in Northern Idaho. Our guild, Basin Piecemakers retreats twice a year – from Tuesday to Sunday. There will be 21 of us and we all enjoy quilting, Jo’s fabric/patterns, and the gorgeous scenery at Lutherhaven. Sure would be great to win your give away. Thanks for sharing!

  219. Love to have hot apple cider and donuts at the local cider mill. I also like to drive in the country to see all the colors.

  220. Fall is definetly here! I made the first official pot of potato soup Friday – that is our Fall comfort food. And, I NEED to get to Nebraska City to get apple donuts at Kimmel Orchard! And, made fresh batch of hot cocoa mix for the cooler weather. Sew… I guess you could say our favorite fall activity is …. eating! LOL Would love to win your giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win! HUGS… and stitches

  221. I love it that a group of my friends and I go on retreat to Northern Michigan for 4 days. Wonderful friends, great food, fantastic fun, fabulous shopping and believe it or not even some sewing.

  222. Love this new Alexandria line – can’t wait to see the design for the fabrics that you’ll be unveiling at the Houston Show.

  223. I live in an area where summer temps reach as high as 120+ so fall to me means I can finally go outside and “play” in what is left of my garden. The cooler weather brings with it a big “sigh” of relief and of course much more comfort!

  224. My husband and I just returned from one of our favorite fall activities – Notre Dame Football! We saw them play Miami in Soldiers’ Field in Chicago – very cold but lots of fun!

  225. Hmmm, my favourite fall activity…its hard to pick just one! I would have to say the top of my list though is Thanksgiving Dinner with my Family. We have hit 43 now so its a big gathering and we all bring some kind of dish to the table and eat smorg style. We just lost my mom this January so we are all adjusting to not hearing her voice or her laughter amongst ours, but we are a close bunch and we lean on each other to get through. Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

  226. My favorite Fall activity is taking a cruise in our boat along Buzzars Bay. The shoreline becomes brilliant with fall colors and the ocean is the deepest blue.

  227. My favorite fall activity is taking a drive with my honey looking at the beautiful fall colors in the trees and sitting on my back porch doing hand work enjoying the cool breezes

  228. Thanks for the giveaway! Love the fabrics. My favorite Fall activity is harvesting the fruits and veggies and canning it all away for winter eating.

  229. Thanks for the giveaway! One of my favorite fall activities was what I was doing this morning. I took two of my Old English Sheepdogs to near the Vt border and had a herding lesson with them surrounded by all the colorful fall foliage.

  230. My favorite fall activity is collecting colorful leaves and pressing them in a book to save for later, so I can remember that wonderful day with the crisp air and the sunshine.

  231. My favorite fall activity is going for wine tasting aand the harvest activities. That is picking pumpkins, walking through colorful leaves oh, don’t forget a bit of cheese and bread to go along with the wine tasting. Also going for a hot mineral spring bath or even a mud bath the mineral spring bath . Then after a day of indulgence, relaxing with a bit of handquilting.

  232. My favorite Fall activity is decorating the house inside and out with pumpkins and gourds and oodles of mums and lovely quilts done in rich Fall colors. Then I can sit back with my hot mulled cider and watch those lovely leaves descending on my lawn waiting to be raked up!!
    Susan in CT

  233. Fall is my favorite time. Pumpkin lattes ,hand piecing,watching the colors change, the leaves fall, gathering & preparing for the winter. Cooler tps& going to Jo’s retreat
    Carolyn Lving wonderful TN back to OR

  234. Fall is my favorite time of year. Besides baking, I love college football and tailgating with family and friends. Thanks Jo for the giveaway!

  235. My favorite fall activity this fall is rocking my first grandson, wrapped up in the quilt that I made him this summer! He’s so precious…. only one week old today…. and I’m already dreaming of quilts made with dinosaurs or zoo animals! I’m loving this “grandma” thing!!!!

  236. My favorite time of year is Fall! My sister and I love to take the kids (grown now) camping on our parents land. We make cider and apple butter over an open fire. You haven’t had good apple butter until you have made it outside over an open fire! The leaves are always crisp and the air is heavenly. Mmmmm

  237. My favorite fall activity is making a new fall themed quilted project for my home – table runner, wall hanging, table topper, etc. Then getting out all my fall quilts from years past and decorating with pumpkins, gourds, corn, etc. After a long, hot summer it’s nice to welcome cooler weather with cozy old friends. : )

  238. Jo, I would love to win your give away. Fall is my favorite time of year! Of course, I was born in the fall-September–so it always feels great. Also, a fresh start!! Remember the excitement of the first day of school? New clothes, new notebooks, new start, reconnecting with friends? I love the smell of wood smoke, as the days get cooler,fall foliage–I love the fall colors–and I find them bountiful in my quilts and in Jo’s fabric lines: apple days–cider, sauce, apple butter; Oh and apple pie!! Thanks for this give away!! Barb in Maine

  239. I love the smell of burning leaves and raking them into huge piles. Also like taking a drive in the country to enjoy the beautiful colors and sometimes finding an apple orchard along the way. Best way to enjoy an apple….crisp and juicy right off the tree! Thanks for a chance to win your giveway.

  240. I just finished making apple sauce and freezing apples for pies and apple crisp. It’s a family tradition to go apple picking in the fall. The fabrics are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  241. My favorite fall activity is walking through our great parks and roadsides here in the Midwest on the crisp fall days. Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of the fall give-away by Andover!

  242. My favorite Fall activity is putting away my summer clothes and bringing out the warm winter sweaters, pants and coats.

  243. my favorite fall activity hmmm hard to choose, but just being out in the cool crisp air and enjoying all the beautiful colors inspires me to come inside and do some quiliting. Picking pumpkins is also right at the top of my list.

  244. One of my favorite fall activities is baking foods that are associated with fall…like pumpkin bread, sweet potato pie, etc. And here in Texas it is such a relief to have cooler temperatures after a long, hot summer.

  245. When the fall harvest is done and the cows and calves are put in their winter places. Life will usually slow down a little and the nights get longer and there is time to sit down and sew.

  246. Love this time of year. Had to make some apple crisp to go with the cooler temps. The leaves are so beautiful this year. Not sure if its the dry weather we had earlier but they have been spectacular–great for drives and walks. The new fabric lines are beautiful. Would love to win them!

  247. I find fall very romantic….I met my husband in the Fall, sitting around a campfire one evening. So fall to me means family and friends with a glass of wine, a sauna or two, football, splitting and stacking wood and raking up leaves and pine needles. Then I put what is left of my flower
    gardens to sleep for the winter…a bit sad, but necessary. However, when the work is all over, and I can no longer spend a lot of time outside, out comes my sewing machine. There is always a quilt retreat, a local shop hop, Christmas gifts to sew and a hand applique project or two to work on….just waiting for winter, which comes fast to northern Minnesota.

  248. My favorite fall activity for me is building a fire in the backyard and just listening to the crackling as it burns. A hotdog cooked on a stick goes right along with the fire. Love it!

  249. What I love most about fall are the pumpkins, hot chocolate, and cider and the cool, crisp, night air with starry skies, the smell of campfires, memories of old HS football games, and being able to snuggle under the blankets with my husband and pets. The first fire in the fireplace is something I look forward to as well. And when the weather turns chilly, there is more time for quilting, which is what I want to do most!

  250. My favorite fall activity is going for drives looking at fall foliage. Would love towin some Jo Morton fabric. I just recently discovered your fabric and could use some stash build up.

  251. This is the week that my Quilting sister get away from our jobs as nurses and go on retreat for 4 days.We have been doing this now for 10 years. We love the fall because here in Texas it finally cools down a bit and we are so ready to cuddle up in our projects and get them done.

  252. WHAT IS NOT TO LIKE???? I love it all, year round–even living in the desert where FALL things are hard to find. I sew and piece FALL items year round. if I had to pick one thing–would be walking in the forest with the smell of drying leaves in the cool crisp air—yes, we have some of that here–but it is a drive….well worth it this time of year!

  253. I love Fall! I especially enjoy watching the leaves change color to beautiful reds, yellows and oranges. I like to decorate with pumpkins, leaves and candles. This is the time to begin making soups and to drive to the mountains to pick apples and fill the freezer with Apple Crisp.

    Thanks for the giveaway,

  254. I love walking in the leaves and putting the yard to bed for the winter. It is also a great time to hit big (desmoines)quilt shows and lqs as the kids are back in school! I also love all the smells of fall!!!!

  255. I love fall, going to all of the harvest festivals, decorating with pumpkins, candles and all the beautiful colors.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  256. Hi Jo… I wrote a comment and when I posted it thru FB it disappeared… sure don’t want it to appear twice so I will just say that our tradition of bring out the black and orange quilts and hosting a long running pumpkin carving party is my favorite activity.

  257. Although we don’t get to wear a lot of winter wools, I love the fabrics with rich fall colors. It’s also when the house takes on a warm, cozy feel with quilts hung over the couch and candles burning with spicy aromas.


  258. My favorite fall activity is to drive to northern Utah stopping to eat at Maddox’s – my favorite chicken restaurant, seeing Sardine Canyon aglow with the changing colors, and then buy cider at Zollinger’s before making a return trip through the canyon and home.

  259. I love everything about fall – the leaves changing color, baking pumpkin pies, making caramel apples and building a fire on the patio in the cool evening. And I would really love to win you give-away of beautiful fabrics!!

  260. Carving pumpkins for Halloween! We gather our pumpkins and patterns, eat our favorite, “taffy apple cookies”, and put old, classic monster movies on tv while we carve. When one person finishes, we all stop, light it up, turn out the lights and ooh and ahh. Then we bake all the seeds.

  261. My favorite fall activity is one that I miss doing because my two daughters have grown up and moved far away. Every fall we would go to one of the many apple orchards near our home in Michigan, pick wonderful apples, take our picture next to the scarecrow, and eat donuts and drink cider. When we came home, I would make apple crisp and we would enjoy it later. I miss my girls sooo much!

  262. Living in Texas is Hot! So I love stepping outside when a cold front has come through, and just taking a breath and feeling the cool. Thanks for the giveaway.

  263. I love fall because a group of my friends get together and sew hundreds of pillow cases for the University of Iowa Hospitals and clinic children’s cancer ward. Not only is it great to get together but we all feel wonderful to be given the chance to give a little cheer to the children who don’t have much to smile about. I’m thankful I can give back

  264. My favorite thing to do during fall, besides quilting is to take in some of the fall festivals. And the beautiful fall foliage and the sunny crisp days make me smile. Thanks for having the giveaway. love your fabrics.

  265. My favorite fall activity is taking my two grandsons to the pumpkin patch to pick out their pumpkins, then a walk through the corn maze, and watching them roll around in the piles of leaves. I LOVE the fall shadows created by the position of the sun this time of year, too. Thanks for doing the giveaway; I would love to win!

  266. My favorite fall activity is takingvthe grandkids to the apple orchard to pick apples. It was great fun watching them fill their bags with just the perfect ones!

  267. You have no idea just how much I want to win one of those bundles! SO YUMMY!!! Well, my kids are still little, so I guess my favorite fall activity is decorating the house and pulling out my newest fall quilting pattern to complete. I also love trick-or-treating with the kids! So fun!

  268. Fall is when there are a lot of quilt shows in our area. Plus, the Louisburg Ciderfest is a blast. I love the crispness of the fall weather too.

  269. My favorite fall activity is taking Jo’s class at Country Sampler and then attending her hand-work retreat! 🙂 Sue L in Denmark, WI

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