RIP – Tigger

Tigger was not getting better, Russ and I made the hard decision Thursday morning.

Tigger had begun to fight off his shots, he was howling around the house, thirsty and then excessive peeing and this was about a week after increasing the insulin again.  We felt so bad for him and it has been an ongoing conversation between Russ and myself, it was interesting that we were both thinking the same thing Thursday morning Рit was time.

So . . .  he was put to sleep, out of his misery and left us with years of happy times, laughter at his antics and miss him waking us in the morning and meeting us at the door.  Very quiet around the house, he was a busy boy.

We had him cremated, we will bury his ashes in the garden next to our patio and next spring plant a catnip plant over him.

Here is a picture of healthy Tigger taken in November 2011, look at the poor sick guy on my 10/18 post.  We did the humane thing.

Tigger – RIP – we miss you a lot, we had 12 great years together thankful for that.

been quiet – here is the reason why:

On Oct 9, 2012 around 11pm I woke up to the bedroom spinning, I was sweating and feeling not very good, it passed after about 15 minutes.

The morning of Oct 10th, same thing happened, room spinning, lightheaded, sweating and queasy, this progressively got worse.  Thursday Russ took me to the Doctor, Russ used a wheel chair to get me in and out of the office as I was so dizzy and throwing up, they have nice round barf bags in blue for such occasions.

Seems I have an ‘inner ear virus’ – prescribed anti-dizzy pills and anti-queasy pills. ¬†I laid around for 5 days before I could sit up for any length of time, I slept so much I don’t believe it.

So, the summation is:  under the weather, under this quilt and under assorted cats, Tigger in this picture, when I snapped it with my iPhone.  Tigger is the diabetic kitty and not doing so well either.

Jo under the weather, under this quilt, under Tigger here – in the den listening to TV for hours on end.

It is now October 18th, I’m able to be up, kind of walking around with the help of furniture to steady myself, been a long haul, but I feel I’m on the mend and will be able to go to Houston after all. ¬†However I lost 8 productive work days, so guess what – – – I’m behind, same ‘ol story.

Such is life, I didn’t die (however it seemed to be a good option last Thursday and Friday), so it is ‘all good’.

Blog may be a little quiet as we leave for Houston and Quilt Market on Monday afternoon, scheduled to return home Friday November 2nd, doubt that I Blog while in Houston.

By the way, I hope none of you EVER get an inner ear virus.



The winners are!

First I thank you all for posting about your favorite Fall/Autumn activities,  one thing I noticed is many of us love this season for the same reasons Рbeautiful color, crisp air for walking, decorating for Fall, shopping for pumpkins, picking apples, baking, football and of course stitching!   I enjoyed reading all the comments.

We used the random number generator to come up with the winners, the numbers were assigned in the order the posts were received.

Drum roll please . . . . . . . . . .

Madame Purl said:   Thanks so much for the giveaway. I love the cooler weather. It makes me want to quilt and work on my many projects. Get to use the crockpot too…so more time for quilting.

Laurie in Iowa said:   What great fabrics! Fall activites include a walk with leaves crunching under your shoes, pumpkin bars, and trips to the pumpkin patch with grand children! Reminder to self: do soon winter will be here all too quickly!

I’ve emailed the two winners privately to send me their mailing addresses, so the packages can be on the way to their sewing rooms!

Thank you one and all for participating.


Blog give away – reminder!

This is your gentle reminder to join in the fun, sign up for my Blog give-away now, as sign up ends tonight, Monday, October 8th at midnight.

To enter, leave a comment on my October 2nd Blog entry, you will have to scroll to the bottom of the page to find the ‘reply’ box and enter your comment about ‘your favorite Fall Activity’.

I have my fingers and toes crossed just for you!