The Old Country Store

We, meaning Russ and I, had a wonderful day at The Old Country Store and Museum in Intercourse, Pennsylvania on August 30th.

Jan Mast (Quilt Museum curator), Jo and Russ standing in front of ‘Hickory Hill’ quilt.

The store ordered ‘a lot’ more fabric from Andover so they could offer the ‘fabric frenzy’ shopping on August 30th.  An entire island of fabric from top to bottom was Jo fabric and covered in black, no early purchases, until Barb and I uncovered it at 3pm.  FYI, Leesburg was in the store but not included in the special pricing of course.

The room was full of shoppers and a few husbands, perhaps the DH were the carriers of packages?  The store girls were kept busy cutting for a quite a while.  Me, I was back upstairs for the next museum tour, followed by book signing, a little break, then another museum tour, etc.  We did this from 2pm until 8pm, winding up around 9pm, yes I did get supper, we took a break at 5pm.   I have many wonderful memories of this day.

Barb and Jo unveiling the fabric!

There were special moments during the day as some friends came from afar (Oklahoma and Michigan) to share the day, some girls came from Jo Clubs in CT, NJ and NY, lots of ladies from PA and Penny from DE, a few brought along show and tell.  What a GREAT day, hope I didn’t miss any states as several of the ladies told me who their Club leader was or the quilt shop they participated in the Jo Club.

This sweet lady came up to me during one of the book signings, open her purse to show me something she had purchased, it is an early Jo quilt dated 1989 – back when I would sell my small quilts, she asked me to re-sign the quilt and date it and of course I did.

Vintage Jo quilt, 1989 and the proud owner. It hasn’t faded one bit, she know how to care for a quilt!

I think I could make a similar one using a Toast group and shirtings, don’t you, hummmm.



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