I’m sure you think that you can ‘only’ trim half square triangles (HST) with the Bloc Loc rulers.

We are always thinking and talking while sewing at the studio.  This afternoon I came up with this one.  (shhhh, I was working alone)

trimming a ‘unit’ with the Block Loc ruler, not just for HST trimming, gotta love multiple uses

I trimmed a unit with the Block Loc ruler instead of my normal 4 1/2″ ruler.  Hummm, this works pretty slick, this is a picture I took before trimming, and yes I trim all four sides.

The first comment I hear is that the Bloc Loc rulers are expensive.  For me if it is a time saver then it is worth the money.  The one thing I don’t have enough of is ‘time’.

Look back at the Flying Geese trimming a couple of days ago, it was titled ‘New Quilt’.  I didn’t feel like I had trimmed Flying Geese – why you ask?  Because, the ruler nests against the seam allowances and all I had to do was trim two sides, rotate the rotary cutting mat and trim the last two sides.

For ‘years’ I’ve lined up the diagonal line on my ruler and looked for  the 1/4″ seam allowance at the ‘v’ before trimming.  Turn the block, line up the ruler again and trim the last two sides.  I’m used to doing it that way, but I was always double checking myself.  I was amazed how easy it was to lock the ruler against the seam allowance and trim the Flying Geese.

On these units (that are part of a block in a new quilt) that needed to be trimmed to 3″ (finish 2 1/2″) I used the 3″ HST Bloc Loc ruler on my rotary cutting mat, yes I had to turn the ruler to nest the ruler against the other side, but gee it was easier.

I’m just saying. . .

You should probably do your own test drive.




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  1. They cost a bit more up front, but when you try them and your blocks come out to the perfect size, and the time you save after trimming 312 half square triangles, and your flying geese are perfect to the size, THEN you know they are worth every penny you had to pay for them..

  2. I bought one of these a few years ago at a quilt show, and just love it. I use a lot of HSTs and this makes squaring them up a breeze. I’d recommend it highly.

  3. I was under the impression that you made the block bigger than it had to be and then trimmed it down with the block lock. I did not want to have to adjust all of the patterns to make bigger half square triangles.

    So, am I wrong. I works just fine following the actual sizes called for in patterns for half square triangles. Then, you just square them up with the block lock ? Therefore, do you have to have a block lock for each exact size or will one or two of the block locks work for multiple sizes ?

    Thanks for any input.


  4. Very slick alternate use for the half-square Bloc Loc – I’ll need to remember this. I do love the flying geese ones – I’ve never had such an easy time putting blocks together with just the correct seam allowance as when I used them recently. They are worth every penny.

  5. You wrote: I used the 3″ HST Bloc Loc ruler on my rotary cutting mat, yes I had to turn the ruler to nest the ruler against the other side, but gee it was easier.

    Not sure I follow what you are doing….. you turn the mat – small one – and then slide the ruler “down” the seam to the cutting point….???? no need to turn the ruler…..

    I love the way the ruler “locks” and there is much less chance of the ruler sliding and slicing me.

  6. Jo, I absolutely love these rulers. I agree, they are a time saver and well worth the money and they are made in America!
    Karen W.

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