Quiltmania Autumn 2012

Not to be confused with Quiltmania, No 91, Sept/Oct 2012, the regular magazine, 6 issues per year, see my post about Baby Emma is a cover girl.

The Quiltmania Special is published four times a year, I have two quilts in ‘Autumn 2012’, it can also be purchased as a subscription, hopefully you can find it in Barnes & Noble, or on Quiltmania website, or try your local quilt shop.  The other issues are obviously Spring, Summer and Winter.

Quiltmania Special Autumn 2012

This is one of my projects ‘Wild Goose Chase’, I really love this quilt, had fun playing with stripes, it has lovely vintage appeal.  Classic quilts never go out of style.

Wild Goose Chase with Bird Chintz fabric for the border.

Next is  a sweet small quilt in this issue, it will  be in my new book this Fall, ‘For All Seasons’.  

Pomegranate sweet small quilt.

Many hours of happy stitching and sewing in your future!


New banner for the website today!

The Baby Emma quilt is the cover quilt for the new issue of Quiltmania, it seemed appropriate to use it to update the banner on the website.  It is certainly perfect for Fall.

Perhaps it is also a tease for you to make one too, the quilt is 29″ x 29″, not overwhelming, just the right size to get one done to use this Fall.

Look around the site, there have been other changes and updates, with more to come.  Stay tuned!


The Old Country Store

We, meaning Russ and I, had a wonderful day at The Old Country Store and Museum in Intercourse, Pennsylvania on August 30th.

Jan Mast (Quilt Museum curator), Jo and Russ standing in front of ‘Hickory Hill’ quilt.

The store ordered ‘a lot’ more fabric from Andover so they could offer the ‘fabric frenzy’ shopping on August 30th.  An entire island of fabric from top to bottom was Jo fabric and covered in black, no early purchases, until Barb and I uncovered it at 3pm.  FYI, Leesburg was in the store but not included in the special pricing of course.

The room was full of shoppers and a few husbands, perhaps the DH were the carriers of packages?  The store girls were kept busy cutting for a quite a while.  Me, I was back upstairs for the next museum tour, followed by book signing, a little break, then another museum tour, etc.  We did this from 2pm until 8pm, winding up around 9pm, yes I did get supper, we took a break at 5pm.   I have many wonderful memories of this day.

Barb and Jo unveiling the fabric!

There were special moments during the day as some friends came from afar (Oklahoma and Michigan) to share the day, some girls came from Jo Clubs in CT, NJ and NY, lots of ladies from PA and Penny from DE, a few brought along show and tell.  What a GREAT day, hope I didn’t miss any states as several of the ladies told me who their Club leader was or the quilt shop they participated in the Jo Club.

This sweet lady came up to me during one of the book signings, open her purse to show me something she had purchased, it is an early Jo quilt dated 1989 – back when I would sell my small quilts, she asked me to re-sign the quilt and date it and of course I did.

Vintage Jo quilt, 1989 and the proud owner. It hasn’t faded one bit, she know how to care for a quilt!

I think I could make a similar one using a Toast group and shirtings, don’t you, hummmm.


Baby Emma is a cover girl!

Baby Emma is a cover girl!

I knew the quilt would be in the magazine, much to my surprise it is the cover!  A beautiful quilt for Fall decor.  According to my calendar, Fall begins next week.

Quiltmania, No 91, September/October 2012

And a little FYI – Baby Emma quilt is also in my new book ‘For All Seasons’.

My new book is coming soon – will post here when I have an available date.

If you are in a hurry to make this quilt, find a copy of Quiltmania magazine, if you don’t subscribe, check Barnes & Noble, and maybe your favorite quilt shop carries this magazine.  Happy hunting followed by happy stitching!





I’m sure you think that you can ‘only’ trim half square triangles (HST) with the Bloc Loc rulers.

We are always thinking and talking while sewing at the studio.  This afternoon I came up with this one.  (shhhh, I was working alone)

trimming a ‘unit’ with the Block Loc ruler, not just for HST trimming, gotta love multiple uses

I trimmed a unit with the Block Loc ruler instead of my normal 4 1/2″ ruler.  Hummm, this works pretty slick, this is a picture I took before trimming, and yes I trim all four sides.

The first comment I hear is that the Bloc Loc rulers are expensive.  For me if it is a time saver then it is worth the money.  The one thing I don’t have enough of is ‘time’.

Look back at the Flying Geese trimming a couple of days ago, it was titled ‘New Quilt’.  I didn’t feel like I had trimmed Flying Geese – why you ask?  Because, the ruler nests against the seam allowances and all I had to do was trim two sides, rotate the rotary cutting mat and trim the last two sides.

For ‘years’ I’ve lined up the diagonal line on my ruler and looked for  the 1/4″ seam allowance at the ‘v’ before trimming.  Turn the block, line up the ruler again and trim the last two sides.  I’m used to doing it that way, but I was always double checking myself.  I was amazed how easy it was to lock the ruler against the seam allowance and trim the Flying Geese.

On these units (that are part of a block in a new quilt) that needed to be trimmed to 3″ (finish 2 1/2″) I used the 3″ HST Bloc Loc ruler on my rotary cutting mat, yes I had to turn the ruler to nest the ruler against the other side, but gee it was easier.

I’m just saying. . .

You should probably do your own test drive.



new project tease

I posted this picture on Facebook and want to share with you too!

If I remember correctly, 165 blocks are needed for this new quilt.  The stack of blocks is 55 or so of them.  The plan is to show this quilt at Market in Houston the end of October.

we are making a whole lot of these for a new quilt for Fall Market

Just a tease, better get some other projects done as there will be many new quilts to temp you this Fall, Markets are like that.

Happy sewing!