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As you know we are headed to Pennsylvania Monday morning Aug 27th, need to be at The Old Country Store in Intercourse, PA on Thursday, Aug 30th, to guide Museum Tours of my quilts on exhibit this year, do book signings, and they have added a couple of fun things.

I’ve been advised that this trip (work and mini vacation) is a ‘workcation’.  I think this word aptly describes our trip!  Feel free to use this new word.

It is a jugging act to get everything covered here at home besides getting packed.  Dear friend Sheri is house sitting, kitty sitting and taking care of incoming mail and packages, it is a big job.  She has been in training for several years, so it all is in good hands.

In the ongoing endeavor to organize and keep track of things, last week I found a cupboard that would work for quilt storage.  There are cupboard criteria for quilts, deep enough, this one is 17″ deep, wide enough, this one is 32″, tall enough, this one surpasses that criteria.

new cupboard to keep antique quilts and large Jo quilts in view

I no longer have a big stack of quilts in the bottom of the closet (shame on me), I can ‘see’ what I have, no more ‘big digs’ to locate a quilt.  Yea!

This cupboard is old windows used for the cupboard doors, what I call new old furniture.  I think you could think of it as recycling in a really good way.

I think you have noticed there is an empty top shelf, think of that as shopping opportunity space!

So you know, I’m writing a few blog posts and will ‘publish’ them while I’m away.  This should help in not having a big Blog absence.

Happy stitching!



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  1. Jo, I love your new cabinet, it is perfect to show off your quilts. The fact that it is recycled is a plus.
    Have a great workcation.

  2. I love the Old Country Store – it is a must see whenever I happen to be in the area which only happens about once every 5 years or so. Love your work.

  3. Welcome to the “workcation world”! My husband is a financial advisor, so all our times away from home are workcations. He even had a client call him when we were vacationing in New Zealand, and the guy kept him on the phone for almost an hour! I hope your many admirers there in Pennsylvania will respect the “cation” part of your time there. Love the cupboard, by the way!

  4. Going to be at the Old Country Store to see you. Unfortunately I didn’t realize I had to sign up for the museum tour ahead of time so now it’s filled. Looking forward to your book signing though. You are my fabric fabric designer!

  5. Had a great time at the Old Country Store on Thursday. Wonderful meeting Jo and having her sign my book and a couple of blocks I made for her Nebraska Waves quilt. Now that I have many more of her fabrics I can continue making them! Beautiful new fabrics. Keep up the great books and fabrics Jo. So nice to finally meet you.

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