Eggs & Bacon

I don’t just make quilts, I use them in our home, actually all over our home.  I love the design, the texture and color quilts add to a room or setting.  I can’t imagine life without quilts.  I love to look at my quilts and the memories associated with many of them, what was going on in my life at the time.  Interesting and beautiful how memories are sewn into quilts.

Since I really do use them, perhaps this will help you understand why I love brown so much. Here is a picture of the ‘Eggs & Bacon’ quilt from JLW Club 11 (the current Club), on the harvest table in our dining room, with a redware trencher featured in the middle of the quilt.   The colors are so beautiful together, warm and inviting to me.

If you are a JLW Club Member, the quilt was named while hanging in my booth in Houston last Fall, a number of ladies walked into the booth and said, that quilt looks like eggs and bacon from afar!  We all thought that was funny, and then thought it would make a fun name for the quilt.

Eggs & Bacon’ quilt on the harvest table in our dining room.

I hope you are making the JLW Club quilts in your colors to enjoy in your home.

My friend Betsy, made green eggs and ham – use your imagination.  It is a beautiful runner for her dining room table.  Betsy also lives with quilts all over her home, we are kindred spirits.





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