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I was refolding quilts that reside in the jelly cupboard in our living room and pulled this one out to enjoy for a while.  I made it before joining Andover Fabrics, so no Jo fabrics in it.

I named it ‘Forever Nines’, it is one of the quilts where I was playing with the 1 1/2″ finished Nine Patch blocks, so it is another small quilt.  Deceiving isn’t it.

Looks like I didn’t straighten the top border edge, it has a bulge, maybe that happened while hand quilting the diagonal lines, it can happen when quilting bias lines, should be more careful.  Does being imperfect add to the charm or make it feel more vintage?

I had pulled several red/rust prints to audition for the setting fabric and couldn’t make up my mind, so I decided to use them all.  I like my answer.

This quilt was published in American Patchwork and Quilting, issue 61, Mar/April 2003, page 34.

Forever Nines, published in APQ in 2003

Here is a close up of the hand quilting, I saw the design used in the alternate square on an antique quilt and thought it would look good on my quilt.  What do you think?


hand quilted by Jo, guess you can tell I like to hand quilt

I wonder if any of you handquilt anymore?  I try to do at least a couple small pieces a year.  There is something about the dimples of hand quilting and the way the quilt feels and drapes when hand quilted.  Vintage appeal.

I’m still using Mountain Mist 100% cotton batting in my small quilts that I hand quilt (I can split this batting easily), I found some recently on-line and ordered more than one batt.

I am still using MM Blue Ribbon in my large quilts that are long arm machine quilted.

Happy quilting either by hand or the electric needle!




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  1. Very sweet quilt! Yes, I still hand quilt because I love the look of it and also because I’m terrible at machine quilting! But mostly because I love to hand stitch. It’s relaxing.

  2. I could hand quilt all day long, but having my own small quilt business just doesn’t allow for the time. Since I’m on a mission ‘way up here in Maine, to show others how relaxing and fun it can be I try to teach a class a couple times a year at local quilt shops. Love to point out that there is still “instant gratification” even when handquilting a large piece!

  3. My favorite part of the process is the handwork and “yes” I do hand quilt . I put together my blocks from the hand pieced spool blocks this week and I looked at it this morning and said to myself “I’m going to hand quilt this one.”. I’m looking forward to it! Have a nice day Jo.

    Best Wishes,
    Mary Kastnee

  4. Thanks for sharing Jo. I do still like hand quilting my small quilts. Can’t beat the feel of fabric in hand, it’s so soothing.

  5. Thanks for sharing your quilt with us Jo. I had to go look for the magazine, I am happy to say I have that one. Unfortunately, I have not done any hand quilting in many years. As time permits i would like to take it back up again. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Sue H.

  6. Very pretty. I am so happy hand quilting still exists and hand applique. I love them both. I enjoy it when you share your quilts with us. Have you tried wool batting yet?

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