Quiltmaker magazine !!!

cover of the new Quiltmaker magazine, Sept/Oct issue, see my name on the cover!

Here is what you will find inside:

Jo’s Stars in Quiltmaker magzine!


Long time ago (about a year ago) in a studio not too far away . . . we made some sweet little 3″ Sawtooth Stars using Ember Reds & Evergreens, Toasty and Sweet Emilie.   I hadn’t made a zig zag setting for a while – let’s do that!   I selected a neutral print for the zig zag and a soft print for the border, both from Sweet Emilie.  As it was being sewn together the quilt began to feel ‘very familiar’.   Hummmm. . . .

Without looking or thinking, we made the same quilt ‘again’, meaning we had made a quilt with the exact same number of blocks, same size blocks, and zig zag setting, but different border treatment and of course different colors.  Well, duh!    See what happens when you really like something.

I sent the new quilt along with the old quilt to Maggi Honeyman in Texas who machine quilted the first quilt, as I wanted the newer quilt quilted the same, I loved what she did.

I decided to offer the new quilt to Quiltmaker and sent along the story and the picture of the first quilt.  They were interested in the darker colors that felt like Fall.  I still love the first quilt that we made in 2007, however the new quilt has soft charm.

What do you think?

Here is the inadvertent re-make:

newer zig zag, I think I’ll call this quilt ‘Emilie’.

I will enjoy both of them.

Now ‘you’ know the rest of the story.




Quiltmaker magazine !!! — 8 Comments

  1. I saw the Quilt in QM magazine. The thing I REALLY noticed the most was the announcement for the QM BLOCK PARTY in the Pacific Northwest! I’m excited that you will be coming so close to where I live. Even if it might be across the state from my home, I have great hopes of getting there! As soon as they tell me where exactly I’ll be signing up! Virginia was just too expensive to get to for me this week-end.

  2. I think I prefer the original colorway. The darker colors are more appealing to me. I love your little stars no matter what color they are!

  3. I love the softer colorway–unfortunately, such colorways never photograph as well as the darker ones–so they end up being the wallflowers of the quilt world. I did a version of that quilt using smaller star blocks, the Stafford County large blue print as the border, made scrappy blue stars and used the gold paisley from one of the toast lines. It was beautiful–I love that pattern. I no longer have the quilt though as it was a present for someone. Becky in Georgia

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