Vegetable Garden Trellis

Russ builds a trellis every year for his pole beans (green beans that climb)

We have a couple of small garden spots.  This small garden plot is behind the studio, this shot looks into the neighbors back yard.  In the Fall when Russ does the garden clean up, he will disassemble the trellis and stack the sticks, sometimes the sticks are good the next year, sometimes not.  In the past he was able to find young willows down by the river.  I think the trellis looks cool and old fashioned.

You can see the parched yard in the background.

Beans are not doing very well this year, too hot and it doesn’t cool off at night.  Our tomatoes aren’t producing very well either due to the heat.  We bought tomatoes and green beans (and other veggies) at the Farmers Market Saturday morning, very big yum!

That’s what’s happening here in Nebraska the end of July.  Wonder what August has in store for us, as all month July felt like August.  Maybe that means Fall will arrive sooner?  🙂


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  1. The trellis looks great, so old-fashioned. I saw the same parched grass (and corn, so sad) all through Wisconsin on the recent visit there. But the Wisconsin quilt shops were alive and vibrant!

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