Poor Tigger – but he is doing fine now!

It was time to get booster shots for all the kitties last week (actually past time), and a good time to visit with the vet as Tigger has been lethargic, his coat felt different and he was very thirsty.  Blood profile showed his glucose was ‘very high’ at 518.  Then a urine analysis and it also showed glucose and it shouldn’t.  Tigger is diabetic.  We came home with syringes and insulin, Tigger gets shots twice a day, and is on a special food with ‘WD’ on the label.  Probably only available from the Vet.

Tigger (ginger tabby) using Chloe as a pillow in my office – cute! This picture was taken 3 years ago.

I’ve learned to give Tigger his shots, he is a good boy and makes it easy.

Not sure how easy the other two kitties would be about it.

Anyway, he is doing much better already, four days later, his coat feels better, he is more active.  Will get another blood workup within a month and see how his numbers are doing.  Has been interesting to ‘watch’ him and his behavior.

And a little trivia, about the trip home.  We had taken Tigger out to the Vet in the late morning for the urine test, had to leave him.  We went back three hours later with Socks and Chloe in two carriers for their booster shots, one carrier was ours, one was borrowed.  It is all about timing, shots given to two kitties and Tigger was ready to go home.  No problem, I’ll hold him on my lap after I get my seat belt on, Russ was driving. It was working just fine.  Then I felt a warm wet sensation on my left leg, he peed on me!  Lucky there were some napkins from Subway in a cup holder (that never happens), so was able to keep the pee off the pickup seat, however I had a large wet area on me!  After I got soapy water and wiped down the pickup seat and dried it with an old towel, I cleaned me up and did a load of laundry.  The clothes came out of the ordeal just fine.

I felt like we were running a feline bus service last week.

More than you wanted to know!


Poor Tigger – but he is doing fine now! — 11 Comments

  1. Oh, Jo, poor Tigger, but it sounds like the insulin is helping him already. He must be thanking you over and over in his mind!

  2. Seems he was a bit nervous and finally “relaxed” in your lap!

    Did the vet say what would be a normal blood sugar reading in a cat? Over 500 would be REALLY high in a human!! Amazing how fast the insulin can work. So glad he’s better.

  3. Jo – 

    After reading your latest post about Tigger, I was curious as to what is a normal BS reading in cats. I’m diabetic too. Well under control, no problems since getting over the initial shock of the diagnosis 7 years ago. It turns out that the readings are the same as humans. Should range between 70 and 120. Anything over 200 is high. So his 500 reading was way off the cgart! I’m so glad he was diagnosed and that he has such a caring and conscientious person who will help him adjust to his new normal. 

    So here’s a link to a good website. Lots of info here including how to monitor. There are other sites too that you might want to check out but this is a good starting point. 

    Good luck in getting that important guy in your life – Tigger, not Russ – back to feeling good.  Of course Russ needs to be ok too.


  4. Years ago we had a dog with diabetes and I had to give him one shot per day. He didn’t really object much, so no problem there. Before that I had never heard of dogs or cats getting it. It’s a good thing you took him to the vet.

  5. I had a co-worker who gave her cat shots for years. So hopefully things will go as well for Tigger. I know about warm spots on laps–just a couple of weeks ago my Welsh Terrier was asleep in my lap by the campfire after a day of light hiking and playing in streams. As I was getting ready to hit the hay and dumped dog off my lap, I notice I had a nice big wet warm spot on my pants. I guess Finnegan was just too pooped and had drank too much cold stream water that day to bother getting up and taking care of business. At least Tigger had the excuse of being diabetic which of course means you have to pee a lot and the trauma of being at the vet too. Finnegan is just lazy! This is not a first from him. One day after returning home from swimming in a friend’s pool where Finnegan is graciously allowed, we parked in the drive, I had opened the door and Finnegan just stood up and peed on me before attempting to get out of the car. He always drinks too much pool water and I have learned to dump him in the fenced backyard and not even let him go through the house first as he is liable to have an accident before he gets outside. I dread his aging as he has such a weak bladder now. Funny the things we put up with our beloved furry 4-legged children!

    • That is too bad for her sweet dog.
      Tigger is such a good boy, he is easy to give the shots to, lucky for all of us. He is improving, it doesn’t happen over night. Jo

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