I had an hair appointment for Hi-lites a week or so ago.  I think it is funny what we go through.  Here I am processing, I think I look like something from outer space.

All foiled up, taking picture with iPhone, while looking in the mirror, yep weird.

This is the sweet lady who is in charge of my hair, her name is Kathleen (and she is a quilter!).  Funny thing, growing up my aunt’s name was Kathleen (mothers sister), she was also a hairdresser, or maybe they called her a beautician back then.

Kathleen, fun sweet lady and my hairdresser , cool!

This is how I looked when I left, remember I’m walking out the door.  I think the color and hi-lites are beautiful.  Kathleen took the picture for me.

Jo leaving – pretty color!

I’m packing to leave for Texas this afternoon to attend a quilting Retreat.  I’ve made some good friends in Texas and was invited to join them at their Retreat, that made me happy to be included.  This is a first for me to go sewing and NOT be work related.  Seriously.

It will be great fun to hang and sew.  Will report how it goes, I know it will be very good.

Next to pare down what all to take to sew on, I have great expectations, but then again . . .  LOL

Have a great week!


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  1. You sound like us now getting ready to come to your retreat… Fun to have the shoe on the other foot… Have a great time and your color is awesome..
    Hugs carolyn

  2. It is my pleasure to be in charge of Jo’s hair. Lucky to have quilting in common and treasure every trick she shares. Have fun quilting and sewing. More hugs Kathleen

  3. Beautician – old school; hairdresser – real old school. Colorist modern term…… just sayin’
    You have a great colorist~ and have a great time sewing, just sewing, no teaching, no checking that everyone is doing OK, just sew, laugh and enjoy adult beverages…. ha ha.

  4. hmmmmm…..I’m in Texas this week too – but not for a quilt retreat (think I can escape my captors and come and sew too – don’t think so). It is great that you have this chance to just sew and not teach and run around having to organize everything. Have bunches of fun and the color looks great.

  5. Your hair looks wonderful! And you are one brave woman to take your picture before. 🙂 Have so much fun!!!

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