‘Leesburg’ pieces have arrived!

A package arrived via UPS – I thought you would like to see pictures of the actual fabric.  I’m so excited about this group, so many ideas, need to pick ‘one’ to begin with. ‘Leesburg’ will ship to quilt shops in August/September.

Leesburg – black colorway

Leesburg – rust/brown and documentary colorway

Leesburg – blue colorway

Now that you have had a sneak peek, you have some time to save up for this beautiful group!

A quick FYI – ‘Bridgeport’ pieces look really beautiful with this group, so does ‘Sunday Best’, pieces from ‘Alexandria’ and many others.  I like that my groups play well together too!


‘Leesburg’ pieces have arrived! — 11 Comments

  1. Oh I cant wait. I love all of the color ways so I will have to have at least a half yard of each..

  2. Another awesome fabric line, Jo. Thanks for all your hard work. Now I will have to not only save up but make some room in my cupboard for it. I better get sewing!!!!

  3. Wow this line is beautiful so many ideas, so little time, whats one to do? Thinking I will need all the color ways…and yes the one thing I really love about your fabric is that they play together so well…very well mannered children lol

    • There will be a free to use project on the Andover Fabrics website one of these days, the quilt was designed and made by my friend Candy Hargrove. the quilt is sewn, the ladies are working on the directions.

  4. Love the fabric! Great to have another awesome stripe in the collection.

    what is the quilt pattern that is in the blog headder? applique with little flying geese all around it?

  5. Seen them and they are the best yet! I love that they go so well with everything I have already hoarded….did you trip to Virginia and our encouragement have anything to do with the name selection?

    • I’ve never been to Leesburg, but have been to Annandale, Old Town Alexandria, Jamestown, Yorktown, Williamsburg and quite a few more towns in VA, including Virginia Beach (don’t look for that to be a fabric line name though). I just liked the name Leesburg for a beautiful line! Russ and I had a wonderful trip and time recently in Pennsylvania. I was in DC, Reston, Herndon and a couple other places in April, sneaked over into Maryland one day.
      I also have about 7 pages of names on my computer, I add names as I find ones I like, Leesburg was on the long list, now it has an asterisk as being used.

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