Vegetable Garden Trellis

Russ builds a trellis every year for his pole beans (green beans that climb)

We have a couple of small garden spots.  This small garden plot is behind the studio, this shot looks into the neighbors back yard.  In the Fall when Russ does the garden clean up, he will disassemble the trellis and stack the sticks, sometimes the sticks are good the next year, sometimes not.  In the past he was able to find young willows down by the river.  I think the trellis looks cool and old fashioned.

You can see the parched yard in the background.

Beans are not doing very well this year, too hot and it doesn’t cool off at night.  Our tomatoes aren’t producing very well either due to the heat.  We bought tomatoes and green beans (and other veggies) at the Farmers Market Saturday morning, very big yum!

That’s what’s happening here in Nebraska the end of July.  Wonder what August has in store for us, as all month July felt like August.  Maybe that means Fall will arrive sooner?  🙂

Poor Tigger – but he is doing fine now!

It was time to get booster shots for all the kitties last week (actually past time), and a good time to visit with the vet as Tigger has been lethargic, his coat felt different and he was very thirsty.  Blood profile showed his glucose was ‘very high’ at 518.  Then a urine analysis and it also showed glucose and it shouldn’t.  Tigger is diabetic.  We came home with syringes and insulin, Tigger gets shots twice a day, and is on a special food with ‘WD’ on the label.  Probably only available from the Vet.

Tigger (ginger tabby) using Chloe as a pillow in my office – cute! This picture was taken 3 years ago.

I’ve learned to give Tigger his shots, he is a good boy and makes it easy.

Not sure how easy the other two kitties would be about it.

Anyway, he is doing much better already, four days later, his coat feels better, he is more active.  Will get another blood workup within a month and see how his numbers are doing.  Has been interesting to ‘watch’ him and his behavior.

And a little trivia, about the trip home.  We had taken Tigger out to the Vet in the late morning for the urine test, had to leave him.  We went back three hours later with Socks and Chloe in two carriers for their booster shots, one carrier was ours, one was borrowed.  It is all about timing, shots given to two kitties and Tigger was ready to go home.  No problem, I’ll hold him on my lap after I get my seat belt on, Russ was driving. It was working just fine.  Then I felt a warm wet sensation on my left leg, he peed on me!  Lucky there were some napkins from Subway in a cup holder (that never happens), so was able to keep the pee off the pickup seat, however I had a large wet area on me!  After I got soapy water and wiped down the pickup seat and dried it with an old towel, I cleaned me up and did a load of laundry.  The clothes came out of the ordeal just fine.

I felt like we were running a feline bus service last week.

More than you wanted to know!

Peppermint Twist – how was it quilted?

Mea Culpa!

The Peppermint Twist quilt project in the ‘Remembrances’ book somehow was overlooked with the machine quilting info.  The rest of the projects in the book have ideas and tips.  How did I miss doing it for PT?

Here is Tigger checking out the sweet bird Pincushion by Debbie Hartwell from Maryland, I have two or three of her pincushions, so pretty and excellent workmanship.  This was during photography for the book and obviously an out-take.

Not sure you can see it very well, but there is a sweet small square feather wreath in the alternate blocks.  The Churn Dash blocks are stitched in-the-ditch as are the outer pointy border and inner pointy framing border.  The center block background is machine quilted in a small stipple and lines were added to the leaves so they wouldn’t pouf up (look like veins).  There are also some quilting details on the flowers for the same reason.


Quilted Koala boxes and bins

I want to share this with you, as these boxes from Quilted Koala are so pretty and covered is beautiful Jo fabrics.  I was honored that some of my fabrics were chosen.

stack showing the three sizes of boxes in beautiful ‘Annandale’ fabrics.

I couldn’t make up my mind, so I have six boxes and I like to stack them assorted instead of identical.  Not sure what that tells about me, but . . .

Next question . . .  what’s inside?

Nice for storing Fat Quarter bundles or loose Fat Quarter’s that you are assembling for a scrappy project.

How about thread storage?  Hand sewing threads, machine sewing threads, speciality threads, or floss or . .

I’ve placed some antique quilt blocks and pieces of fabrics, all in one place and easy to find.

My other stack of boxes, yummy and beautiful.

The large box holds 1 yard cuts of ‘Leesburg’, 30 pieces, folded correctly you can see all the pieces, isn’t it pretty! ‘Leesburg’ is shipping in August to your favorite or local quilt shop.

Last but not least a bin that is holding fabrics for a new project, the white paper along the edge is graph paper (low tech solution) with the block drawing and notes for what is needed to be cut for each block, will add the rest of the info as the quilt progresses.  All together in the bin and can easily be moved from cutting table to shelf.

New project, all the fabrics together in the beautiful bin.

Drum roll please . . . if you are in need of some of these beautiful boxes and bins covered in Jo fabric, you can enjoy a ‘Friends and Family’ 20% discount on in-stock items ordered by August 31, 2012.

Go to:

enter the code: ‘jomorton’

and click ‘apply coupon’ at checkout.

I can’t think of a more beautiful way for you to organize in your home.  Enjoy!


Oops on a Sewing Saturday

I’m confused, I’m not sure where to post things anymore . . .

on my Blog?

on FB?

on Pinterest?

So if you are seeing double, it is because I’m posting some things more than one place.

This one is here because it is darn funny!

Oops on a Sewing Saturday

This is a technique that requires a seam adjustor.  Things like this happen to the best of us.  I’m not sharing who did it, just sharing.   LOL


Texas trip was wonderful mini vacation with lots of sewing

Lucky me, I drove to Texas for a sewing Retreat with friends.  I know you will find this hard to believe, but it really was a first for me.  Go to a Retreat and just sew, no teaching.  Can you say ‘wonderful’!!!!  Now I know how you feel.   🙂

Waiting – stopped for at least four construction delays on the trip down, waiting for the pilot car to return for our turn.

I really didn’t mind the delays, it was restful.

Road Trip Cuisine.

This got a workout for four days, fun!

Sewed a bunch of these type strips the first day, getting re-acquainted with my sewing machine.

Actually these strips will be part of some blocks for a block exchange I’m involved in, and not all Jo fabric for this one.  Even after all these years, I still don’t have enough fabric!

I needed to get used to the new foot on my Pfaff and find my scant 1/4″ seam again, luckily I found it the first day.

Now I’m home and back to work, getting reacquainted with my keyboard.





I had an hair appointment for Hi-lites a week or so ago.  I think it is funny what we go through.  Here I am processing, I think I look like something from outer space.

All foiled up, taking picture with iPhone, while looking in the mirror, yep weird.

This is the sweet lady who is in charge of my hair, her name is Kathleen (and she is a quilter!).  Funny thing, growing up my aunt’s name was Kathleen (mothers sister), she was also a hairdresser, or maybe they called her a beautician back then.

Kathleen, fun sweet lady and my hairdresser , cool!

This is how I looked when I left, remember I’m walking out the door.  I think the color and hi-lites are beautiful.  Kathleen took the picture for me.

Jo leaving – pretty color!

I’m packing to leave for Texas this afternoon to attend a quilting Retreat.  I’ve made some good friends in Texas and was invited to join them at their Retreat, that made me happy to be included.  This is a first for me to go sewing and NOT be work related.  Seriously.

It will be great fun to hang and sew.  Will report how it goes, I know it will be very good.

Next to pare down what all to take to sew on, I have great expectations, but then again . . .  LOL

Have a great week!

‘Leesburg’ pieces have arrived!

A package arrived via UPS – I thought you would like to see pictures of the actual fabric.  I’m so excited about this group, so many ideas, need to pick ‘one’ to begin with. ‘Leesburg’ will ship to quilt shops in August/September.

Leesburg – black colorway

Leesburg – rust/brown and documentary colorway

Leesburg – blue colorway

Now that you have had a sneak peek, you have some time to save up for this beautiful group!

A quick FYI – ‘Bridgeport’ pieces look really beautiful with this group, so does ‘Sunday Best’, pieces from ‘Alexandria’ and many others.  I like that my groups play well together too!

Happy 4th of July !


I wish you all a Happy 4th of July, celebrating with friends and family, most likely accompanied by good eats — grilling something and of course dessert and beverages. Yummy day.