Americana in the summer

Here are a few items from my summer ‘collections’.  Each one has a memory attached for me.  Do you feel that way about some of the items you have made or collected?

Simply Sweet Churn Dash quilt (Banner Day book), note the patch in the blue triangle on the left. This quilt is atop a blanket chest in our living room. My Banner Day book is available here.

Liberty Star Sampler (Banner Day book), folded over the back of a wing chair in the living room.

Flag Pincushion for summer stitching (Banner Day book)

‘Liberty’ salt glaze stoneware jar from a dear friend, it is on a shelf in my office.

Blue saltbox house was a ‘find’ on a teaching trip, the shop was nice to ship it home for me, the flags I’ve had for quite a while, these are also on a shelf in my office.

I’m sure you recognize the black windsor bench, it hosts a new version of the ‘Delectable Mountains’ quilt (booklet titled ‘Vintage Moment’) based on a quilt at the IQSC, this version is made with the ‘Delectable Mountains’ fabric line with Andover Fabrics (the fabric patterns and colors are from the antique quilt!)    This is my favorite version by the way. The colors (and the quirkiness of the blocks) make it perfect for me and summer. My Vintage Moment book is available here.

Princess Chloe (well she thinks she is princess of this house) has adopted this chair, I hoped that when I added the pillows (also in Banner Day book) for summer she would find a new resting place, nope, just shove the pillows back and take over. What a sweetie.



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