Summer time in the City – New York City that is . . .

As you know I went to New York to work last week.

I tried to Blog from my iPad, but I couldn’t figure out how to add a picture to my Blog Post.       I’ll figure it out one of these days, I know there must be a way or there ‘is’ a way, and I just don’t know it yet.  So had to wait until I returned home to show and tell.

A while back, Broadway (the street) was changed to this . . .

38th and Broadway – people space in the street, the green lane is for bikes, the red area is pedestrian seating with tables, chairs, umbrellas and hugh pots of greenery – beautiful!  Nice spot for a cuppa and a book or newspaper.

This means that the traffic is pretty much on the streets either side of Broadway.  Interesting to me.  As you can see people are taking advantage of a nice day.

In the office I found quilts hanging, among them these two.

‘Fairfax County Fair’ quilt, a FTU (free to use pattern) that can be found on the Andover Fabrics website.

‘Hurrah’, another FTU quilt pattern.

When I checked into the Hotel, I found this . . .

Welcome! Temperature and Conditions forecast for the next day and chocolate, very welcoming indeed.

There was also bed turn down service.  It is nice to be pampered a little.

This was Saturday June 23rd, leaving the office about 5:45pm, walking to the restaurant for dinner.

There were a couple of parades in NY this past weekend.  This intersection, 6th Avenue and 38th was blocked off for the Immigrant Parade and vendors.  I was most surprised by the vendors in the street and people everywhere instead a sea of yellow cabs.  Food and craft vendors.  NY trips never cease to surprise me with something, somewhere.


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