If you like these bags shown, you should check out this website for Pink Sand Beach Designs.  Nancy lives in California and has a wonderful line of patterns for ‘Totes and Bags’.   I’m sure you will find one or two to make for yourself or as gifts.  I’ve blogged about  some of her bags before, she keeps coming up with new designs and does some in Jo Fabrics.

Besides making bags and totes in what I would call beach colors, Nancy has found a lot of us like her designs in traditional fabrics and colors.

This is one of Nancy’s bags using Carolina fabric line.

Nancy always has lots of pockets for our ‘stuff’, like keys, cell phone, little note pad, pen, located around the inside so that everything doesn’t land in the bottom for the ‘bottom shuffle’.  You didn’t know the pile in the bottom had a name did you.

Some of Nancy’s bags would make really nice sewing bags, pockets for sewing notions, all separated and tidy.  Then space for your sewing project and maybe your wallet and phone, keys etc.  So fashionable!

Spring Quilt Market in Kansas City was the handing off of this new iPad Bag, perfect timing for me as the month before I bought the new iPad (I had the iPad 1), now the new iPad has a beautiful new home in this bag.  This bag also has a couple outside pockets besides inside pockets for our stuff.  I’m sure you know someone who could use one of these?  You!

Check Nancy’s website for her pattern line.

Bag for your iPad using Bridgeport fabrics – isn’t it beautiful!

We are getting a heat wave, so staying in and sewing should be part of the routine (unless work gets in the way), just maybe  a sewing bag or iPad bag should be added to your summer sewing list.  Enjoy!



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  1. I really like the first tote bag! I looked up the pattern and I’m wondering if you use it as a purse. It might be a little large, but I do love all the pockets! Some of the other bags don’t have that many. Thanks.

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