Pfaff foot

This is what the Pfaff foot looks like that I bought yesterday, thought you would like to see it.  You know the picture is worth the words from the previous post.

Pfaff foot

Works Great!

Happy stitching!!


Pfaff foot — 10 Comments

  1. They no longer come in the cute black boxes? It is different than the two 1/4 inch feet I have. I wonder if it makes that much of a difference? The right sides of mine are narrow but not that narrow. I will take your word that it works great.

    • I really like this updated version of the 1/4″ foot for my Pfaff’s, I have (2)- 2056, one 2040 and one 2038, that is why I bought four new feet!

    • I like this new foot as the back of it is wider and rides atop both of the feed dogs, the right side is inset to the left to read like the 1/4″ foot. I don’t know if it fits your machine, you would have to check with your Pfaff dealer, but I would think so. There is also a learning curve to find ‘your’ scant 1/4″ seam allowance again. I did that last week (found my scant 1/4″ SA with this new foot) and am a very happy camper.

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