June 30th – old Blog will be gone

My old Blog will disappear into  space June 30th, never to be seen again.

If you have tons of free time and want to check it out, you have 20 days left to do so.  The link on my Blog home page will also magically disappear!

I’m getting ready to fly to NY on June 18th to work on more fabric for ‘us’, will be gone a week, no posts that week, unless I can figure out how to post from my iPhone?? !!!

Russ and I went to the Farmers Market in Omaha Saturday morning, we bought organic mixed salad greens, spinach, beets, radishes, broccoli, asparagus and a catnip plant for the kitties (seems the plant we had didn’t revive this spring).  At the grocery store we bought leeks, red pepper, lemons and limes.  We went to the fish monger and bought dry scallops to sear and serve with risotto we made for dinner.

This evening we will have a mixed green salad, leftover risotto and pre-cooked shrimp from the fish monger.  It is that time of year, one could almost be a vegetarian.  ‘Almost’, as there is nothing quite as good as a grilled hamburger, or steak, or pork loin, or chicken breast, oh well never mind the vegetarian part.

The other reason for the trip to Omaha was to pickup the new to me 1/4″ foot for my Pfaff sewing machines.  This foot has a wide behind that sits on both of the feed dogs, the right edge jogs inward just in front of the right feed dog to have the illusion of the old quarter inch foot.  Does sew nicer with the new foot and the rear atop both feed dogs.  I have 4 Pfaff machines that needed the new foot.  Sometimes we have all 4 machines going on a Sewing Saturday so I needed one for each.

I’ve been checking out the pictures on the Stitchers Group of the Pincushion exchange – so many beautiful and creative pincushions and the accompanying gifts that are amazing and some yummy.

Have a very enjoyable Sunday!





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  1. Thank you for the iinfo about the new Pfaff foot!! Sounds like a winner and I can’t wait to get one.
    Susan in CT

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