After Market!

First a little booth tutorial.  First thing we do move the boxes and props into the convention center, find our booth and stack them up in the middle.  Second we hang the drapes (have to order another set of steel poles and top sliders to do this as we can’t pin to the drapes already there.  Then we determine traffic flow and where the feature quilt will be hung, that determines where to place the table, then drape the table.  I also use bed risers under the table legs so it is easier to write orders standing.  The booth stays like this until after Schoolhouse the next day, then the quilts can be hung and the space tweaked.  I don’t drag a lot of extra stuff to Market anymore, because it is ‘us’ moving it in and out of the convention center.  It can be hot in May and it can be hot in October, sweaty hot.  OK, I’m a wimp.

I jokingly call my booth a booth in a bag, even though there are props.  We are not hauling in major furniture, well I used to, been there done that, this works nicely.

birth of a booth

Looking good! Almost done. Phyllis on the left, Cindy in the middle and Sheri on the right.

I had another picture of them working, but it was of their backsides, so I was kind and asked them to ‘smile’ and snapped this pic.  Much nicer to see their smiling faces!

Friday morning before Market opens - this is it!

What's on the bench? Some of this will be new individual patterns, later this summer.


I do have a picture to share of my Schoolhouse – room was full.  It is always fun to talk when there is an audience.

Jo's Schoolhouse - room was full, some were standing along the wall, I think they can see better standing than sitting.

Here is a picture of my friends (Sewing Saturdays and more) – these are the ladies that help me make things happen.  Mary had a conflict and couldn’t come to Market, so Mary is missing.

My friend Mary Ann from California comes to Market, she is the official JLW person to talk to in my booth.  Mary Ann runs the JLW Club at In Between Stitches in Livermore, CA.

Left to right - Jo, Mary Ann, Cindy, Phyllis and Sheri.

One more thing . . . someone had a birthday during Quilt Market . . . .

Dinner at Lidia's in KC, this was the special dessert for the birthday boy.

Yes, birthday boy . . .

It's Russ !!!



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  1. What a fun time — Market and Lidia’s! So glad to see you and Russ, share his birthday, meet Linda and husband, visit with Sherry and Cindy. Thanks for including me.

  2. Thank you for the booth tutorial; your booth looks wonderful and wow, what a packed room for your Schoolhouse!

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