Americana in the summer

Here are a few items from my summer ‘collections’.  Each one has a memory attached for me.  Do you feel that way about some of the items you have made or collected?

Simply Sweet Churn Dash quilt (Banner Day book), note the patch in the blue triangle on the left. This quilt is atop a blanket chest in our living room. My Banner Day book is available here.

Liberty Star Sampler (Banner Day book), folded over the back of a wing chair in the living room.

Flag Pincushion for summer stitching (Banner Day book)

‘Liberty’ salt glaze stoneware jar from a dear friend, it is on a shelf in my office.

Blue saltbox house was a ‘find’ on a teaching trip, the shop was nice to ship it home for me, the flags I’ve had for quite a while, these are also on a shelf in my office.

I’m sure you recognize the black windsor bench, it hosts a new version of the ‘Delectable Mountains’ quilt (booklet titled ‘Vintage Moment’) based on a quilt at the IQSC, this version is made with the ‘Delectable Mountains’ fabric line with Andover Fabrics (the fabric patterns and colors are from the antique quilt!)    This is my favorite version by the way. The colors (and the quirkiness of the blocks) make it perfect for me and summer. My Vintage Moment book is available here.

Princess Chloe (well she thinks she is princess of this house) has adopted this chair, I hoped that when I added the pillows (also in Banner Day book) for summer she would find a new resting place, nope, just shove the pillows back and take over. What a sweetie.



Seems it is time for me to eat some words.  I’ve said for at least four years I’m not doing Facebook.

I didn’t want to do Facebook.  It was going to be one more thing to do and I was Blogging.  Fast forward and . . . well, a couple of days ago with the help of our friend Amy, I now have a Facebook page.  It is only a couple of days old.  If you are interested in taking a peek, go here:

If this doesn’t work for you, copy and paste into your browser.

Thanks for taking a peek!

Summer time in the City – New York City that is . . .

As you know I went to New York to work last week.

I tried to Blog from my iPad, but I couldn’t figure out how to add a picture to my Blog Post.       I’ll figure it out one of these days, I know there must be a way or there ‘is’ a way, and I just don’t know it yet.  So had to wait until I returned home to show and tell.

A while back, Broadway (the street) was changed to this . . .

38th and Broadway – people space in the street, the green lane is for bikes, the red area is pedestrian seating with tables, chairs, umbrellas and hugh pots of greenery – beautiful!  Nice spot for a cuppa and a book or newspaper.

This means that the traffic is pretty much on the streets either side of Broadway.  Interesting to me.  As you can see people are taking advantage of a nice day.

In the office I found quilts hanging, among them these two.

‘Fairfax County Fair’ quilt, a FTU (free to use pattern) that can be found on the Andover Fabrics website.

‘Hurrah’, another FTU quilt pattern.

When I checked into the Hotel, I found this . . .

Welcome! Temperature and Conditions forecast for the next day and chocolate, very welcoming indeed.

There was also bed turn down service.  It is nice to be pampered a little.

This was Saturday June 23rd, leaving the office about 5:45pm, walking to the restaurant for dinner.

There were a couple of parades in NY this past weekend.  This intersection, 6th Avenue and 38th was blocked off for the Immigrant Parade and vendors.  I was most surprised by the vendors in the street and people everywhere instead a sea of yellow cabs.  Food and craft vendors.  NY trips never cease to surprise me with something, somewhere.



If you like these bags shown, you should check out this website for Pink Sand Beach Designs.  Nancy lives in California and has a wonderful line of patterns for ‘Totes and Bags’.   I’m sure you will find one or two to make for yourself or as gifts.  I’ve blogged about  some of her bags before, she keeps coming up with new designs and does some in Jo Fabrics.

Besides making bags and totes in what I would call beach colors, Nancy has found a lot of us like her designs in traditional fabrics and colors.

This is one of Nancy’s bags using Carolina fabric line.

Nancy always has lots of pockets for our ‘stuff’, like keys, cell phone, little note pad, pen, located around the inside so that everything doesn’t land in the bottom for the ‘bottom shuffle’.  You didn’t know the pile in the bottom had a name did you.

Some of Nancy’s bags would make really nice sewing bags, pockets for sewing notions, all separated and tidy.  Then space for your sewing project and maybe your wallet and phone, keys etc.  So fashionable!

Spring Quilt Market in Kansas City was the handing off of this new iPad Bag, perfect timing for me as the month before I bought the new iPad (I had the iPad 1), now the new iPad has a beautiful new home in this bag.  This bag also has a couple outside pockets besides inside pockets for our stuff.  I’m sure you know someone who could use one of these?  You!

Check Nancy’s website for her pattern line.

Bag for your iPad using Bridgeport fabrics – isn’t it beautiful!

We are getting a heat wave, so staying in and sewing should be part of the routine (unless work gets in the way), just maybe  a sewing bag or iPad bag should be added to your summer sewing list.  Enjoy!


I brought some books home from Market

I want to share with you four books I got at market.

A Bag of Scraps – with KC Star

I bought this one to read about the quilts and the garment district in Kansas City (who knew?), the picture on the cover is so interesting to me as I worked at the Pendleton Sewing Factory here in Nebraska City for one summer after graduating High School.  The sewing factory closed several years ago, however we still have a Pendleton Outlet Store, so if you are ever in or near Nebraska City, it is worth a stop!  I haven’t read a word yet, but I gave myself all summer.  I’m sure Edie McGinnis has done another great job on this book.

Away from Home – with KC Star

Another one I bought to read some history about the Lowell, Massachusetts Mill Girls.   There are excerpts from diaries and letters and features a sampler quilt. Another summer read.

Elegant Quilts, Country Charm – Martingale

This one I’m truly excited to have (and it is autographed!), as it is by my Aussie friends Leonie and Deirdre.  Remember my Blog post last year about attending Church in Hobart, Tasmania?  It is their beautiful quilt shop – The Quilted Crow.  Leonie and Deirdre call themselves the Crow Girls, they also set up a store during the ‘Quilts in the Barn’ last September when my quilts were on display.  It was so good to see them again at Spring Quilt Market in Kansas City.  Their designs include wool and are gorgeous!

Scrappy Firework Quilts – with Landauer

Another great new book is by my friend Edyta Sitar, I always enjoy visiting with her at Quilt Market.  She is very talented and I love how she mixes batiks with reproduction and traditional fabric prints.  She freshens up traditional quilts for today in a very beautiful way.

Maybe some of these books found their way into your quilt book library?

Happy Stitching!

Banner Day book – on sale

display ideas for inspiration

Runner for Summer and a star pillow and flag shelf pillow . . .










It’s the season – for flags and all things red/cream/blue!  I just love this time of year, especially the tributes to those who have served and who are serving.  This is why we have our freedom and are so fortunate to live in the USA.

adorable sunflower pincushion to make for . . . ?

It was decided to offer a special on my ‘Banner Day’ book from June 14th through July 4th.  This is a great opportunity to add this book to your collection.  Originally $27.00,  during this promotion it is $18.00 plus shipping (shop here beginning Thursday, 6/14!).  There are a total of 16 projects in the book and some of them can be seen here.

Hurrah FQ Bundle, did you get one last year?


I published two books last year and they took a lot of my storage space, we are working on a new book, there is room, but . . . isn’t ‘more’ better?

The sale price will be in place in the ‘shop’ later tonight or early tomorrow morning.

I had a good time arranging all the patriotic items I’ve collected for the set shots in the book, it brings back memories of trips, because I like to brings things home, don’t you?  The things trigger memories for me.

Enjoy Flag Day through the 4th of July, I’m thinking of cookouts and friends as part of this time of celebration.  The College World Series starts soon in Omaha, more summer fun for those attending, Russ watches the games on TV in the comfort of the family room and AC.



Pfaff foot

This is what the Pfaff foot looks like that I bought yesterday, thought you would like to see it.  You know the picture is worth the words from the previous post.

Pfaff foot

Works Great!

Happy stitching!!

June 30th – old Blog will be gone

My old Blog will disappear into  space June 30th, never to be seen again.

If you have tons of free time and want to check it out, you have 20 days left to do so.  The link on my Blog home page will also magically disappear!

I’m getting ready to fly to NY on June 18th to work on more fabric for ‘us’, will be gone a week, no posts that week, unless I can figure out how to post from my iPhone?? !!!

Russ and I went to the Farmers Market in Omaha Saturday morning, we bought organic mixed salad greens, spinach, beets, radishes, broccoli, asparagus and a catnip plant for the kitties (seems the plant we had didn’t revive this spring).  At the grocery store we bought leeks, red pepper, lemons and limes.  We went to the fish monger and bought dry scallops to sear and serve with risotto we made for dinner.

This evening we will have a mixed green salad, leftover risotto and pre-cooked shrimp from the fish monger.  It is that time of year, one could almost be a vegetarian.  ‘Almost’, as there is nothing quite as good as a grilled hamburger, or steak, or pork loin, or chicken breast, oh well never mind the vegetarian part.

The other reason for the trip to Omaha was to pickup the new to me 1/4″ foot for my Pfaff sewing machines.  This foot has a wide behind that sits on both of the feed dogs, the right edge jogs inward just in front of the right feed dog to have the illusion of the old quarter inch foot.  Does sew nicer with the new foot and the rear atop both feed dogs.  I have 4 Pfaff machines that needed the new foot.  Sometimes we have all 4 machines going on a Sewing Saturday so I needed one for each.

I’ve been checking out the pictures on the Stitchers Group of the Pincushion exchange – so many beautiful and creative pincushions and the accompanying gifts that are amazing and some yummy.

Have a very enjoyable Sunday!




Kansas City, MO – a few people I talked to

Will begin with this one, had to bring one of these tee shirts home, wouldn’t you?

Lots of great places to eat here! Trust me on that one!!! Yum.

Val from France, I met her when she lived in Illinois, she is a charming lady and now a long arm quilter!

Karen Styles from Australia, her shop is called Somerset Patchwork and Quilting, Melbourne, Victoria

Linda took me to Karen’s store when Russ and I were there.  Karen loves reproduction also, Karen has a beautiful BOM – called Mrs. Billings’ Coverlet.   I bought the pattern. You can see it here:

Linda, Jo and Betsy - friends and sisterhood

Above . . .  Linda is our friend from Australia, Betsy is our friend from Texas.

Karen Mowery's book with KC Star - A Bountiful Life

I’m so happy to see Karen’s reproduction quilt in the KC Star booth, of the famous ‘Bird of Paradise’ quilt that is in the collection of the American Museum of Folk Art in New York City.  Karen did a wonderful job recreating this quilt so you can make one.  There are full size layouts for the blocks, making this book easy to use.  True to the antique quilt, it is a summer spread, meaning not quilted, but backed and bound.  Gorgeous for the wall or bed.

Have a wonderful day and hopefully some stitching time.


After Market!

First a little booth tutorial.  First thing we do move the boxes and props into the convention center, find our booth and stack them up in the middle.  Second we hang the drapes (have to order another set of steel poles and top sliders to do this as we can’t pin to the drapes already there.  Then we determine traffic flow and where the feature quilt will be hung, that determines where to place the table, then drape the table.  I also use bed risers under the table legs so it is easier to write orders standing.  The booth stays like this until after Schoolhouse the next day, then the quilts can be hung and the space tweaked.  I don’t drag a lot of extra stuff to Market anymore, because it is ‘us’ moving it in and out of the convention center.  It can be hot in May and it can be hot in October, sweaty hot.  OK, I’m a wimp.

I jokingly call my booth a booth in a bag, even though there are props.  We are not hauling in major furniture, well I used to, been there done that, this works nicely.

birth of a booth

Looking good! Almost done. Phyllis on the left, Cindy in the middle and Sheri on the right.

I had another picture of them working, but it was of their backsides, so I was kind and asked them to ‘smile’ and snapped this pic.  Much nicer to see their smiling faces!

Friday morning before Market opens - this is it!

What's on the bench? Some of this will be new individual patterns, later this summer.


I do have a picture to share of my Schoolhouse – room was full.  It is always fun to talk when there is an audience.

Jo's Schoolhouse - room was full, some were standing along the wall, I think they can see better standing than sitting.

Here is a picture of my friends (Sewing Saturdays and more) – these are the ladies that help me make things happen.  Mary had a conflict and couldn’t come to Market, so Mary is missing.

My friend Mary Ann from California comes to Market, she is the official JLW person to talk to in my booth.  Mary Ann runs the JLW Club at In Between Stitches in Livermore, CA.

Left to right - Jo, Mary Ann, Cindy, Phyllis and Sheri.

One more thing . . . someone had a birthday during Quilt Market . . . .

Dinner at Lidia's in KC, this was the special dessert for the birthday boy.

Yes, birthday boy . . .

It's Russ !!!