Remember these pink and brown pinwheel blocks?

I posted about these blocks on March 12th, was excited about them.

Remember these?

Not so excited now as I can’t seem to make them work into anything, they may be headed for the bin for another day.

boring, maybe need more?

You can see that I used ‘Distress It’ on the ‘Toasty’ piece, checking to see if I like the un-distressed piece better.  Doesn’t seem to make a difference, neither is good.

made some more blocks

Making more blocks didn’t help much, just have more of them.  Still boring.

9 of them now, still boring or at least not exciting

This is not unusual on some of my quilts, play and play, put it away, then play again another day.  Does that happen to you?

Let's try a beautiful floral by Andover - Cadet Paisley line with Winterthur Museum.

Some days it would be best to not sew, go read a book?  Go to lunch?  What do you do when stumped?  Pull out another project?

another audition with a brown inner border - nope don't like it either.

One more try . . . .

On-point, but still not talking to me

This audition has the feel of a blended quilt, however some of the Pinwheels really disappear, not sure I like them disappearing that much.

I think it is time to put it away and work on something that I will make progress on.  Been playing with this one a bit too much and I didn’t even show you all the other possibilities that didn’t work either.  We tried fabric as alternate blocks, tried hourglass blocks, nothing worked.  Time for the bin or at least it needs a rest, or maybe it is me that needs the rest?

One more ‘or’ . . . these blocks could end up as something else or donated, always other options.

I look forward to hearing your solutions.  🙂

Happy Stitching!



Remember these pink and brown pinwheel blocks? — 8 Comments

  1. How about just a little more contrast in your alternate blocks of your first setting instead of the matching fabric – either lighter or darker than any of the options you showed? … same idea for some of the others. I could see a dark dark pink for some of the latter settings.

    • So,, are you going to leave us in suspense? Because I too have lvleoy little fat quarter packets that I got on a whim or as a gift. They look lvleoy together but what to do with them? Hmm sounds like a good challenge. Maybe for a miniature or doll size quilt?

  2. Maybe a plaid for the background in the last one? I like the second-to-last with a more contrasting sashing. With my own stuff, I have to fight all the time against having things blend too much. I guess my brain really likes to cut it close when it comes to contrast :-).

  3. When I saw the quilt blocks I thought a Blue calico (dark blue) with a small white print. That is my suggestion. I have in the past gone for a matchy matchy look. After looking at it I realize I need to go in the other direction. Whichever that may be depending on the quilt. My quilt tops talk. LOL

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