Home from trip to DC area

Time to get caught up!   Want to share – this was a special and wonderful trip for me.  I had the opportunity to get caught up with an old friend from Omaha who moved 3 1/2 years ago to outside DC, she was my contact person and reason to come east and teach/lecture for three Quilt Guilds.

I was able to able to add a couple of fun events to my trip, an afternoon at the Eastern Shore Quilt Study Group and a morning program at the DAR Museum in DC with other ladies who enjoy antique quilts and quilt history.  I have to tell you these ladies study quilt history more than myself, but I have picked up a few things over the years to share.

When teaching I’m not the one taking pictures, I’ve seen my quilts and so have you.   🙂

I did take pictures of quilts/blocks etc. brought to the Quilt Study Group gathering, I was privileged to take pictures, and promised not to share or publish them.

I did take pictures at the DAR Museum, again we were privileged to take snaps but not to share or publish them.

However I do have a few snaps to share!

Walking away form the DAR Museum, almost forgot to take a snap!


We parked in a parking garage about three blocks from the DAR Museum, enjoyed a Starbucks before joining the group at the Museum.  We walked along the back side of the White House on our jaunt to the Museum.

backyard of the White House - pretty nice I'd say


I noticed people and the kitchen garden and Bo! I used the zoom on my camera so you could see.


We also walked past - the Old Executive Office Building, pretty impressive!


After the DAR Museum, we walked to lunch, there were six of us that had the time, the others moved on to other errands.  We ate here on the recommendation of one of the ladies who used to work downtown DC.

lovely and delicious lunch here: Old Ebbitt Grill


It was raining after lunch and we needed to walk back to the Parking Garage.  We stopped at the Renwick Gallery and did a quick walk through, then up went the umbrellas and continued walking.

This time we walked past the front of the White House. It is magnificent!


Zoom image - stately and beautiful. It has been years since Russ and I were in DC, so it was impressive all over again.


I will remember this trip for quite some time for many reasons.  Friends, quilts old and new, teaching and sharing, seeing accomplishments of delight, delicious food, and also some time to watch three movies with my hostess in the comfort of their home while stitching (hand quilting) the memories into my small quilt.

As always good to be home and will be sharing a few more snaps in the next post – stay tuned.




Home from trip to DC area — 3 Comments

  1. We love the Old Ebbit Grill, it was one of our favorites during our 18 months in DC. I also got to frequent the Renwick Gallery often as it was one block from my office. Always enjoyed their exhibits.

  2. You took great DC pictures! It made me realize that I take too much for granted and need to stop and savor the privlege of having such sites so close by. Thanks for the visit and giving us a reason to enjoy the DAR again.

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