Dulles Airport

I landed at Dulles Airport on Tuesday April 17th in the afternoon.  That morning the space shuttle had landed at Dulles, flown in from Cape Canaveral, FL.    When we landed I saw the airplane with the shuttle piggy-backed sitting at the end of the runway next to our runway.  Lucky for me my seat was on the left side of the plane and got to see.  I had napped and didn’t have my wits about me yet to get the camera out and take a snap.  Oh well.

Fast forward to Wednesday morning April 25th, heading home.  This time my seat was on the right side of the plane (I always get window seats).  We taxied for quite a while, seemed longer than usual,  I got to thinking about the shuttle and the one headed to the Air and Space Museum and the other one would go to NY.  I looked out my window as we were about to take off and saw the plane with the other shuttle, gabbed my purse and got my camera out and took six quick snaps in a row, here are a couple of them.  Pretty good for a moving plane taking off!

do you see what I see as we are taking off, bumping down the runway!


Cool - yes? Yes!!! I think this one is Enterprise waiting to fly to NY. I remember one was whiter than the other, when sitting nose to nose on the news video.


I also forgot to tell you I bought a couple of things at the DAR Museum gift shop.

Mary Mannakee Quilt pattern - so pretty. Will I ever make it? Probably not, may make a four block quilt, select the blocks I like best. Maybe make them smaller?

It really doesn’t matter, the proceeds to go the Museum and Museum’s are always in need of funds these days as other funding has dried up in our fragile economy.

I also bought this book in the gift shop, the book is filled with lovely pictures and history - no patterns.

This is the type of book to read and enjoy the pictures when too tired to stitch.

Hope you enjoyed my journey with me!

Happy Stitching!  Jo


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  1. It must have been so interesting to see the shuttle(s). Aren’t the blocks on the cover of the Historic Quilts of the DAR Museum just so sumptuous….

  2. You never know about the MM quilt. One day when you are back to sewing just for you it might be time to indulge in a masterpiece red and green quilt. That’s what I keep telling myself, at least.

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